Romeo & Juliet 2014: The Juice Dealers: Juliet's Story

It's about a few guys who start a juice dealing business.


5. There's What in the What Now?

"Romeo, I think I think I know why everyone seemed liked zombies when we were trying to escape." "Why?" "There must be something in the juice that makes everyone so addicted." "Oh no are you saying that we go back into the house and go see the juice ingredients and the juice?" "Yes, that is exactly what I am saying." "Ok fine but if we get hurt doing this your paying for my medical bill." "Fine,Whatever let's just get back into the house without them seeing." Romeo is standing outside the house still while Juliet is half-way down the basement.  "Romeo get over here and stop being a wimp!" "Yes,Juliet." For about 10-15 minutes they are down in the basement investigating the juice when Juliet calls out to Romeo. "Romeo can you come over here for a minute I think I found something." "What?" "Look I found glowing apples behind these barrels of Apple Juice."

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