Romeo & Juliet 2014: The Juice Dealers: Juliet's Story

It's about a few guys who start a juice dealing business.


2. Heaven Is Romeo

He was the only one at the party walking with a graceful kind of flow to his body, besides the County Paris. I walked down the stairs to talk to him, but Paris cut me off, after a while, I got annoyed of his flirting with me, he was such a massive one too. After what felt like an hour, the boy I was staring down since the beginning came over to me and said, "Am I interrupting anything?" I smiled at him, I gave him eye contact which was giving him thanks for getting this guy away for at least a minute. After Paris left, this boy said, "Follow me, we can get away from all this." I said, "How?" We walked up the stairs ran into the elevator and he said, "My name is Romeo Montague, my fair angel." as he started to kiss me. I pulled away and said, "This isn't very formal, my name is Juliet Capulet." I said as I curtsied to this man. Then, we both kissed. It felt like I was being lifted on heaven's cloud for about 3 minutes, then this man came onto the elevator, and of course we stopped as the door opened, then the man opened a box on the control pad of the elevator, pressed the button, and all of a sudden it felt like we were going in circles. When the doors opened, Romeo and I both said, "Where are we?" the man said, "Welcome to our world. The juice world."

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