Romeo & Juliet 2014: The Juice Dealers: Juliet's Story

It's about a few guys who start a juice dealing business.


1. A Party

Once upon a time... I had a party... Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Juliet Capulet and I'm 13. One fateful night, we had a party at our "castle" as I like to call it. All of a sudden I hear my mother I rolled my eyes as I heard my mom call me from upstairs.


I replied, "Coming Mother." I know I am supposed to be as close to what society asks us to be, but... I kind of disobey that rule a lot. So, back to my story, I ran up the stairs where I find my mother holding a fairy outfit. I shook my head and said, "Mom, are you really going to make me wear THAT THING." My mom is a very weird lady sometimes but the next thing she said came in as a shocker, "No,  it's mine, you'll be wearing this." she said as she pulled out this Jersey Shore Snooki outfit that I absolutely adored. I tried to take the outfit and she pulled it away, "But, just so you know you'll be marrying County Paris." I sighed "What if I don't LIKE him..." My mom sighed, "TOO BAD." I took the outfit and left the room to change. When I was finally fully clothed, I went downstairs and ran into some crrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaazzzzy people on the way... and I mean CRAZY. They were falling, not able to walk straight, and even more so couldn't speak correctly. I walked down the stairs and laid my eyes on a man, who looked like the angels had dropped him from the sky... This man was hot, really hot...

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