My rockstar brother's best friend

DeLacie Rae is just returning home to Australia after eleven years of living in America with her mother. Expecting to live with her father David and her brother Ashton, DeLacie is in for a big surprise when she finds just her brother and his three friends living in the one house she's supposed to be in. What is a girl to do when Luke Hemmings is your older rockstar brother's best friend and also living in the same house you are?


2. Change can be a good thing...right?

I guess i was shocked to see my brother had kept such a big...and odd secret from me. I would have thought that he would tell me if I was going to live in a house with three other people of the male gender. He was my big brother after all, I would have thought he'd set ground rules and stuff along those sorts.

"Alright, Lacie, this is Michael," The multi-color haired one waved with a big goofy grin, "Calum," the darker skinned one bowed in a joking kind of way and gave a peace sign, "and the youngest, Luke." Now Luke had apparently gone to La-La land, because when Ash called his name he jumped andthne blushed. "I don't think you'll have anything to worry about. Michael is a little too wild for your taste and Calum's too mushy if i can remember correctly." Ash stated as he took my bags and led me towarsd the door.

"What about Luke? Aren't you afraid he'll do something?" I asked.

"Luke?" Ash laughed. "Nah, he's too shy and awkward to do anything." I loved how my concerns were amusing to my brother. Note the sarcasm in that's dripping with the stuff. "All I want you to do is relax and have fun, okay? You haven't been in Aussie for awhile and I don't want you doing anything until you know the area a little bit better." Ashton got serious. He always had been when it came to me and pushing myself to far. He even yelled at me via Skype a lot of times.

"Got it." I nodded and went a long with it. It was important for him to feel in least that's what my grandma said when I called and told her I was returning. "You still live in the old house? The one off the coast?" I asked.

"You better believe it," He said and pulled me into a big side hug. "I even redid your room for you. Last time we Skyped you said you liked the old paint on the walls, so I redid them and put a few of the bands lyrics up on the wall." 

"Ash, you didn't have to do that. I don't want you going all out for this." I said and pulled away. Ashton had a tendency to go over board and end up working himself sick. I hated when he did that. "I don't want you working yourself to the bone." 

"I didn't. I had the boys the whole time, worry wort." He rolled his eyes at my panic. "We took shifts and painted, even moved the bed to the other side of the room and got you new curtains." He said and started loading the bags into a car. 

"They helped? You didn't work alone?" I asked.

"Yes,I promise." He sighed and hugged me tight. "Now, i need you to listen. I have to go up to the studio. I habe to help with the new drums that got shipped in, have to get them broken in." He looked me deep in my eyes, holding my shoulders firmly. "I tried to get the date moved, but I couldn't. So Luke's going to take you home, keep you company. He's going to help you unpack and get use to the house again."

"I don't mind, but what about the other two? Won't they be there?" I asked.

"Michael and Calum? No." He sighed. "They're going to talk to One Direction's tour manager." 

"Why?" I asked again.

"You'll see." He laughed and avoided my question. "Now, I need to go. I'll see you later." After that I was left with the broad shouldered tall boy my brother called Luke.


The car ride started out really awkward and quiet. Ashton wasn't kidding when he said this guy was shy. He kept his eyes on the road and every once in a while I'd hear him grip ahold of the wheel tighter. I watched him for a minute, his palms were sweatin and his adam's apple bobbed when he swollowed a nervous gulp.

"S-so, you're Ashton's sister? W-we've heard a, uh, lot, about you." He said nevously, trying to break the ice.

"Mmhmm, that would be me." I said. "It's nothing really to brag about. Ashton may be a total hot-bod to all those screaming fans you guys have, but he's still just my goofy nerd of a brother." I shrugged. "He still watches Dragon Ball Z doesn't he?" 


"Like I said, he's still just my brother." I laughed. "I may not have seen him face-to-face since I was about five, but after so many years of Skype and letters it feels like I never really left his side. He even Skyped me the night he got the message from Michael to go do a gig with you guys. I've known about you guys from the very beginning." 

"Alright, then how come you've never seen one of our videos?" He asked.

"I have." I laughed. "I've seen evey interview and every video you guys have posted. I've got to watch out for my brother...I just didn't tell him I've seen then so his ego didn't get too big." 

"That makes sence." Luke said, letting a shacky sigh out.

"You know, you don't have to be nervous around me." I laughed. "I'm just like Ash, I hate it when people are uncomfortable with me." I reached over and touched his hand on his pant's leg. He was wipping the sweat off of his palm again.

He looked down at our hands then up to me, blush quickly rushing to his cheeks. I just smiled and gave it a squeeze. I wanted Luke to be just as comfortable with me as he was with my brother and his friends. I didn't want him to get quiet every time I walked into the same room, plus, Luke was a looker and his shyness and quirkyness was a bit of a turn on. Maybe one day he'd turn into more then just a friend, but I had to get him comfortable with my pressence first.


"You really know how to cook, DeLacie." Calum stated after swollowing a big gulp of spaghetti.

"Yeah! Tumbs mup." Michael stated with a mouth full of noodles and a big thumbs up in the air.

"Thank you." I laughed and watched as the boys all ate around the island.

Luke and I had finished the packing hours before, and we ended up even playing a few rounds on the video game console. Mikey and Cal, as they want me to call them, came home around four. I had started cooking when the boys went into an all out jam session without Ash. He still wasn't home. Now it's around seven and I was sitting in the middle of the island in a criss-cross while the boys stuffed their faces with Italian dishes. 

"Where'd you learn to cook like this?" Luke asked as he went for his fourth plate.

"Well, my mom had a lot of boy-toys and a most the time was out with them or back at the partment passed out from a night of non-stop beers and rounds in the bedroom. I had to cook for myself, so I watched TV and even got a tip or two from her longest boyfriend Ricky...he was the Italian." I laughed.

"If life was that bad with your mom, how come you didn't just come back to Aussie and stay with Ash and your dad?" Mikey asked. 

"Because I didn't want to leave my mom alone while shewas so unbalanced." I shrugged.

"Then why move now?" Cal asked.

"I couldn't take the long nights alone and the loud arguments. My mom and Ashton get along great, but she and I fight like cats and dogs." I explained.

"Well, we're glad to have you here, Lacie." Mikey laughed and went back for another bowl.

I was really beginning to feel like this could be home. As long as I had Ashton back I was good, but now I have three new friends...and all of them already feel like family.

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