My rockstar brother's best friend

DeLacie Rae is just returning home to Australia after eleven years of living in America with her mother. Expecting to live with her father David and her brother Ashton, DeLacie is in for a big surprise when she finds just her brother and his three friends living in the one house she's supposed to be in. What is a girl to do when Luke Hemmings is your older rockstar brother's best friend and also living in the same house you are?


1. Back home to Australia

I never knew leaving Australia would make my life a little less happy. It wasn't as sunny and warm in America as it was back in Australia. And I just had my mom...not my dad or my brother.

After yet another gigantic fight with my mother I decided it was time to go back to Aussie...go back to where it all began. Dad and Ash would sure enough welcome me back home with open arms. I've gotten enough Skype calls from my brother to prove he really did miss his younger sister.

When we landed I nearly ran to the beach. I just wanted to jump in and splash around like I did when I was a kid. Me and Ashton use to splash around in the ocean and see if we would find "Ariel" the little mermaid. But I guess I'm not exactly five anymore. It's been eleven years since the last time I was in Australia, let alone with my brother and father.

"DeLacie!" I heard my name being called from across the airport. I could see my brother-tall, brownish blonde hair, and brown eyes-waving his arms in the air like a hysteric cartoon character. "My baby sister's finally back home!" He cheered as he hugged my tight. "Gosh, you've gotten big."

"Well, it has been eleven years, Ash. I'm sixteen now, not five." I laughed and hugged him tighter. He still smelt like the ocean breeze, just like when we were kids.

"Please," he sighed, "don't remind me."

"What? Don't like the fact that I'm all grown up?" I laughed and crossed my arms. He was still as stubborn as he was when he was eight.

"Oh, don't even." He rolled his eyes. "You still sleep with Curby the kangaroo."

"I had to sleep with something from Aussie. It's boring in America during the winter." I mimicked his eye roll and looked past him. "Dad not here?"

"Dad isn't here in Australia. Didn't mom tell you?" Ashton raised an eyebrow. "He got remarried and moved to England with her."

"'s just me and you?" I asked...a little depressed. I wanted to see dad, but that was just going to have to wait.

"Kinda." Ashton scratched the back of my neck.

"Ash! Oh my god, we're so late!" A voice, male voice, yelled.

Both me and my brother looked behind him and watched as three boys (one with black and blue hair) jumped and running over things. They were heading our way. I looked up at my brother after hearing him sigh and put his head in his hand.

"Uh, Ashton?" I asked and raised an eyebrow.

"Don't ask." He sighed and looked up. "Where have you guys been? I said two, not three-forty." He snapped as they came closer.

"Well, Mikey fell asleep and Luke had lost track of time while playing guitar." The darker skinned and brunette one said.

"Dude, what about you? You left the house and didn't come back until ten minutes before we left!" The multi-hair color one snapped back.

Just as they all began to argue I heard Ashton sigh again. I just looked from him to them. Who were they and why were they here?

"Just forget it, it's in the past no going back now." Ashton sighed and got the three boys' attention back. "Her flight already landed."

"Did she not show?" The more quiet one...and cuter one said.

"Are you blind, Luke?" The multi-hair colored one rolled his eyes. "She's the small one standing just behind him." He pointed to me and looked right at me.

"Luke" looked at me and blushed. "Oh," he said "hi. I'm Luke." He held out his hand.

"I can see that." I smiled and shook his hand.

Ashton sighed and grabbed my shoulders lightly and said, "Alright, guys this is my sister DeLacie Rae."

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