Bang Bang!

After four years of coma,she came back to the life in the real world.After so much years it`s imposible to not want to revenge after someone put you into coma for four years.Justin Bieber.He did it,he probably didn`t know it was him but he left me and didn`t come back again.He left her side and never came back just because of his career.But he could`ve at least said good bye to her.He didn`t do that,he just left.Katherina Adams is back from coma after four years and want the revenge,facing Justin Bieber and looking at his face after while he is realising that that`s the girl he is bond to,that she is the one that he killed many years ago.She`s back and with her is the hate that has never left her


4. Chapter 4

This  one goes to Karen who wanted for me to update and i did as soon as i could!Thanks for support Karen! <3

I woke up on the couch in living room, nobody was there,so i got up and walked in the kitchen.And of course there he was sitting behind the counter drinking tequilla.I was facing his back.So i walked in front of him,he looked up.Seeing my face he stood up,walking to me,he tried to take my hand but i pushed it away.

"Your awake?"He said.

"Your not lucky then!"

"It was only once can you fucking forget about it."I chuckled.

"Oh so you remembred me.Well if you can make the pain in my chest go away then okay."I got into his face this time."I will get my revenge this way or another."

"Oh so your gonna kill me?"

"No but i will make you suffer four years!"I said,taking the package of ciggarets from my pocket.

"You smoke?"He asked suprised.

"Yes got a problem with that?"I looked at him for a second and then turned away to the fridge,i lighten up one ciggaret,oppening the fridge taking out a beer.He was still looking at me confused.I smiled knowing that he saw i changed.

"You have never smoked and drinked.Better sayin' you hated people who were smoking,Kate."I smirked.Oppened the beer and smoked the ciggaret,took a sip and sat behind the counter.Looking everywhere but not at him.He came to my back,to my ear."You know you can`t hurt me cos you love me to much to hurt me."

"You only think that but the fact is that i`m the only one who made you smile like never in life."

He was still close to my ear,he started kissing my neck and sucking on my neck and i didn`t moan.I let him.I tugged on his hair,I turned around and pushed him away,i could see the boner he got down there.I smirked.From a smile he became serious this time.

"See,"I stood up."Told you!"I smiled once more and walked out of the kithcen and into the living room.I felt his presence but he didn`t know i knew he was there."Where`s Ryan?"

"Left to the mall to i guess buy you something."I nobbed.

"What happend to my family?"I sat on the couch,looking at the TV that was turned on E! Justin was on and i`m not suprised that they were talking of him getting drunk last night.

"They left to live in Brazil.But they didn`t left you they just didn`t want to see you die."

"They of course don`t know that you almost killed me."I saw from the courner of my eye that he looked down.

"I couldn`t tell them your father would`ve killed me."He whispered.

"What i didn`t hear you?"I looked at him this time.

"I couldn`t tell them."

"What happend when i got shot,what happened that night?"I asked.

"I-i carried you to the hospital and.."I cut him off.

"What fucking happened after you shot me,Justin?!"I screamed standing up.He looked at me.

"I`m sorry i really am."

"What happend?"

"I left you!After three days the hunters found you and got you to the hospital.I couldn`t let cops get me."I can`t believe it.

"Why,Justin?Why?You left me!For fucking four years i`ve been in coma and you did fucking nothing to wake me up."

"I did everything but they said it was imposibble to wake you up."I`m mad right now.

"I can`t believe you and never will."I started walking away but stopped half way.Not turning around to face him."You know when the time comes you will see who is Katherine Brown,i swear to God."Then started to walk again away from him.The only thing i want is to make him suffer for leaving me that night and for four years.While in coma,i heard everyones voices even Jeremy`s and Jaxon`s but Justin`s?Not a change of that.I walked in my room in Ryan`s house and layed on my bed looking at the celling thinking of my revenge what can i do to make him begg me for mercy.Of course i won`t give it to him.I started to drift to sleep but just than i heard a loud crash in the living room.My reflexes react,i jumped of the bed and walked outside to the living room seeing Ryan and some other boys sitting on the couch and Justin wasted on the floor.

"What happened here?Why is he on the floor?"They all showed me the empty box of beer.I sighed and walked over to him making my Jeffrey Cambbels click on the ground.I wasn`t to worried evne though i never saw him like that.I mean ever.I kneeld down to him and looked at him disgusted to touch him.But had to,i moved my hand to his head and lightly touched it,he changed he was the cuttest one and now i have to admit he is the hottest.I know i should hate him and i do but don`t blame me blame him that`s all his falt.I moved my hand and stood up.I pushed him with my shoe in the ass shaking him."Get up you little piece of shit!"I yelled and he groaned.I smirked."Okay."I walked in the kitchen and from the fridge took out the coldest water bottle there was,oppened and walked back into living room puring the full bottle of water on his head.I wasn`t lauging but he was screaming out of pain.He sat up on the floor and i came closer to him half kneeling on his level to his face."Don`t mess with me,Justin Drew Bieber,cos you don`t know what can i do to you and it`s worst than bottle of water."I smirked.  

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