Bang Bang!

After four years of coma,she came back to the life in the real world.After so much years it`s imposible to not want to revenge after someone put you into coma for four years.Justin Bieber.He did it,he probably didn`t know it was him but he left me and didn`t come back again.He left her side and never came back just because of his career.But he could`ve at least said good bye to her.He didn`t do that,he just left.Katherina Adams is back from coma after four years and want the revenge,facing Justin Bieber and looking at his face after while he is realising that that`s the girl he is bond to,that she is the one that he killed many years ago.She`s back and with her is the hate that has never left her


3. Chapter 3

It`s been almost a week since i woke up and i got to learn how to walk and it`s been hard but i made it.My old crew is with me helping me out,i got so much terapy`s for legs and my chest.The doctor told me that the bullet is still in there and that they don`t know if the bullet would move to my heart and damge it but so far i just feel a little pain in there.So i`m cool.Also today i`m gonna see Justin and i can`t wait to see his face when he sees me but,i`m not that stupid also,i`m not gonna let him see me at the moment i`m just gonna make him want to see me.Or not.Ryan came into my room and sat on the edge of the bed.

"You really want to hurt him,don`t you?"He said and i nobbed.

"He did what he did and made me sleep four years and left."

"Yeah but he didn`t see what he done."

"Yeah but he shouldn`t have left.Also he isn`t even thinking of me he has that Selena chick and he don`t need me!"I shouted but than got back closing my eyes feeling the pain in my chest again."i said calmly and slowly stood up.We were in Ryan`s house cos i lost my house.Al least that`s what Ryan told me.I started walking to my closet to pick up my outfit for today.

"Call Justin and get him in here."I said to Ryan,he nobbed and left the room.I signed and picked up a pair of jeans,black tight shirt,a long sweater and took my phone.Put make up on and left the room.I could hear the loud talking downstairs meaning that they already arrived.Their fast.I got on the half of the stairs and stopped by the door to living room.I could hear Justin`s voice.Wow it have changed a lot.I smirked to my self and put my hood on my head pulling it to my nose.I started walking down mouthing to my self.Let the party began.I smirked once more and the started walking in living room.I could see him from the sweater as he was looking at me better saying staring all ten of them.With open mouth.I smirked once more and started to leave.

"Ryan dude aren`t you gonna introduce us to your girlfriend."I heard him saying from the back.I know i should not tell him who am i already but i will have to.I turned around and slowly walked up to him and to his ear.Whispering.

"I`m the one that you killed and left Justin Drew Bieber and also i can`t be with my best friend."I whispered,moved away from his ear,he was staring at me scared of what he just heard.I got to unzip my sweater revealing my necklace that he gave me.He immediatly stood up and took the necklace in his hands to look at it a little better.

"Where did you get this?!"He spat.

"Don`t you dare spat at me little prick.I got this one because you gave it to me."

"No the one i gave that necklace is dead,give me that necklace!"

"NO!"I spat and fastly took off my hood.He just smirked still not knowing,well i don`t blame him i`m 19 now.He looked at me like he never met me in his entire life."I don`t know why did i desirve to get look like that from i really don`t know."I turned to leave but i guess because i turned around fast,on half way to out of the doors i blanked out.From then i don`t know what happend

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