Bang Bang!

After four years of coma,she came back to the life in the real world.After so much years it`s imposible to not want to revenge after someone put you into coma for four years.Justin Bieber.He did it,he probably didn`t know it was him but he left me and didn`t come back again.He left her side and never came back just because of his career.But he could`ve at least said good bye to her.He didn`t do that,he just left.Katherina Adams is back from coma after four years and want the revenge,facing Justin Bieber and looking at his face after while he is realising that that`s the girl he is bond to,that she is the one that he killed many years ago.She`s back and with her is the hate that has never left her


2. Chapter 2

"We should turn of the aparats.It`s been four years since she is in coma."The voice of a doctor was heard,i guess it he was a doctor.

"Okay,i will talk to her friends and tell them."Some female woman said.I didn`t open my eyes.I`m four years in coma and nobody has ever turned of the aparats.Well those are good friend.

"Thats a good idea,sister.Go tell them."He said and she was about to leave.

"N-n-no."My voice speaked.My eyes started to slowly open to reveal the doctor dressed in all white and a woman with wide eyes.

"She`s alive check the puls."The woman came to me and checked my puls on her wrist watch.

"Normal."Then the doctor came up to me and with his flash checked my eyes for i don`t know what.Then he looked at the monitor and checked if i was really alive.My eyes were still half closed my head was burried in the white pillow behind me.I had thousands of,what seemed like computer conected to my left hand and on the other hand was some kind of infucion,covered with white sheets,dressed up in hospital dress.They started to check me up even more that started to get really annoying but it was kinda hard to say anything 'cos you know I JUST WOKE UP FROM COMA!I had a TV in my room and it was on.E! news were on so i turned my head to TV.

"How old am i?"I asked the doctor my eyes glued to the TV.

"Your 19 now."

"What the date is today?"

"25th February 2014"

"Wow."Then my breathing started to get heavy and tears started to form."Today is my birthday.I`m turning 19 today."I tried to move but it didn`t work.The doctor stopped me.

"Happy Birthday."I smiled then.

"Thanks,could you borrow me your phone or if mine is somewhere to give to me?Please?"He nobbed and took out my phone and handed it to me.I unlocked it and saw a picture of me and Justin laughing when were kids,my mom took that picture.I ignored it and dialed the number with my free hand.I turned on the speaker and putted the phone on my stomach already tired.He answered.


Me:Not even a happy birthday haven`t get from you!

He muttered.I laughed painfully 'cos my chest hurt so badly.



Then he hang up.I took the phone from my stomatch and handed it to the doctor and turned my eyes back on the news.Then his face turned on TV.I got shocked.What is he doing there.I looked at the doctor and he rolled his eyes at the TV.

"What is it,doctor?"He looked at me and shoke his head.

"Nothing,it`s just that this boy,Justin Bieber was so good when he didn`t have his black friends he was giving money to the hospitals and now he is such a douchebag.He is smoking,drinking every night has bunch of tattoos and think he has so much fans."He said.I smiled at him,he looked at me with a weird look on his face.

"We share the same thinking,doc!"I said and giggled.Then the TV interputtened our staring at each other.I looked over and saw Justin in some random club with Diddy and lot more black people.


With the text that the speaker said.

Justin Bieber can`t seem to stop partying...or taking his shirt off.


The 19-year-old troubled singer celebrated with Diddy at Vanquish nightclub in Atlanta Wednesday night, reports TMZ.

Chantel Jeffries, Bieber's new lady who was wrapped up in the chaotic Miami night when the pop star was arrested on DUI charges in January, was supposedly on hand in ATL as well.

(l to r) Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Justin Bieber and Rick Ross attend Ciroc party at Vanquish Lounge in Atlanta on Thursday.

The "Baby" singer has been on a downward spiral for some time now, but it doesn't seem to faze him much.

He posted a photo to Instagram Wednesday, before he ditched his shirt, and appears as if he's praying with Jermaine Dupri, Diddy, Wale and Rick Ross beside him. Also said to be enjoying the festivities was rapper T.I.


When i heard that,anger started bowling inside of me that stopped the pain in my chest and just wanted to go there and kill him.But something kept me still.I started to get up and took my phone the doctor has already left and i don`t really know where was i going but i got up still with pain in my chest but i ignored it,walked to the bathroom but first i found some of the clothes that were there on the couch.I guess someone thought i would wake up soon.Smart ass.I took them from the bag and walked to the bathroom to change.When i took of the hospital dress i revealed the bullet hole,pain flew all over my body and then,i closed my eyes and putted my hand on the hole and felt like it was yesterday when he pulled that trigger.Pictures of his face when he realized what he did flew around my head.I removed my hand of it and started to change.I changed into some black tight jeans,flower shirt that is so awfull but that`s the only thing i got right now so i put it on and some flats that were in bag.Then i heard someone coming into my room.I opened the door to look at his face full of happiness.Ryan Butler.My best friend and a person that was like my brother.I still can`t walk that could 'cos again i woke up from coma and i was in it for four years now witch is scary just by the thought of it.I held my self to the door frame to not fall and he saw it and ran up to my side to and held me to not fall.He grinned,i smiled at him.I held my hips as he walked me to the bed so i can sit on it.I layed down as he sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me as i made hurten face like i had pains in my chest and i did.

"Well...Happy Birthday,miss Adams.I brought you a birthday gift if you would like to open it."He handed me a box folded in a purple paper.I smiled and giggled.I started to open it and it was kind of heavy but not to much.I opened the box and inside of it necklace that i have woke up without.There was Jesus on it and it was golden.It was medium size cross for my neck.I teared up 'cos i missed this necklace.But Justin gave it to me and i don`t know what is it doing with him.I looked up at Ryan.

"Where did you get my necklace?I thought i lost it."He just smiled.

"Justin gave it to me so i can put it in your tomb.But i knew you will wake up."I didn`t said anything just looked at the necklace.

"He left me.He killed me and left."

"He didn`t kill you,your still alive you see that,he just didn`t want to see you diening."

"No,"i shoke my head."He left,and i`m gonna take my revenge with or without you but i`m gonna make him pay for killing me."I breathed in and felt pain in my chest once more.I put a hand on the bullet hole and held it."If nothing,he will be my death!"I said and looked at Ryan. 

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