Bang Bang!

After four years of coma,she came back to the life in the real world.After so much years it`s imposible to not want to revenge after someone put you into coma for four years.Justin Bieber.He did it,he probably didn`t know it was him but he left me and didn`t come back again.He left her side and never came back just because of his career.But he could`ve at least said good bye to her.He didn`t do that,he just left.Katherina Adams is back from coma after four years and want the revenge,facing Justin Bieber and looking at his face after while he is realising that that`s the girl he is bond to,that she is the one that he killed many years ago.She`s back and with her is the hate that has never left her


1. Chapter 1


4 years ago...

"Hey!Don`t do that!"I laughed while by best friend was tickling me."Justin stop!"He was laughing with me while we were sitting on the couch in my living room while my parents were out of the town.We skiped school today.We were both laughing then he stopped tickling me and looked at me in the eyes.I stopped.

"I love you,sis."He said and i smiled.

"I love you too,brother."

"You know i would never leave you in my life,right?"

"I do know,Justin and i would never leave you either even if i have to die i would still be with you like an angel on the sky watching you."

"Promise?"He was still on top of me.We were sixteen.

"I promise."I held out my pinky finger."Pinky promise?"He smiled and took it.We both said: "Pinky Promise" at the same time.We then played cards a bit and then he stood up to answer his phone.He flipped his hair like he always do and then he turned around to look at me and smiled.He talked to someone about something that he always do and then hang up.

"I gotta go,beautifull."

"Why are ya leaving it just started to be more fun?"

"I got to but i promise i`ll make it up to you,okay?You know i love you so much,right?"

"Yeah,i love you too.Come back soon okay?"He smiled and kissed my cheek than nobbed and made his way out of the house and into his black Range Rover and i don`t really know how he got Range Rover but i really didn`t care about it.He drove away and i looked out of the window to where was he going.I decided to follow him to where was he going to see what was that much important that he couldn`t stay even for a minute.I took my jacket and the keys of my car and got out of the house and into my car and started the enginer and drove behind Justin`s car 5 meters away.I drove maybe five minutes untill Justin stopped by woods and got out of the car,i stopped on the other side of the driveaway and got out of the car and he didn`t see me.It got me confused why was he here at this time.In woods.I made my way in woods and walked behind Justin with a big distance.He stopped in front of three boys and pulled out a gun from the back.My eyes grew wide,i tryed not to make any sound so i pulled my hand over my mouth.I started moving behind the guy to who was Justin pointing his gun and what i didn`t know was that it could hit me.

"Where is the fucking money,Jason?"Justin said angerly."I`ll shoot you if you don`t tell me."The guy was still silent didn`t said anything.I was behind the guy and when i stood up to run away to my house i heard the gun shot and felt like someone has stuck a knife in my upped back.I teared up and turned around and saw the guy that was supost to be shot on the ground but nothing happend to him he was okay,i saw Justin looking at me still with a gun in his hand and shocked look on his face.With that felt warm feeling in my chest,i looked down and saw the bullet in my chest and my chest were bleeding so much,i looked up once more and then everything went black.

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