Love at Destruction

My name is Sally. I am 17 and this is my story. Aidan and I go through a lot. We lost everyone we ever cared about but each other. We were ten when we meet Jace. He takes very good care of us. He is just like a father to us. Aidan and I get thrown on to a ship from the time were ten to seventeen. Jace is on the ship with us as well.

You will have to just read to see why they were thrown on a ship for seven years. See what will start happening to Sally and Aidan as they get older.


5. The Ship

          Jace POV

   I will show Aidan that I don't want to hurt him or Sally.

  "Aidan, Sally come here to me"

  "What is it Jace", said Sally

  " I will keep any thing from happening to you both ,but we can't stay here."

  "Where will we go then", said Aidan

  "We will have to only move at night so we don't get seen."

 Sally and Aidan will trust me in time but I can't push it.

 By night fall we sneak out with what we can all carry. I try to move fast so that I can keep them from harm.

 "Sally, Aidan stay here and let me check the house and I will tell you when it is all clear okay."

    Aidan POV

  Sally and I finally relax when Jace says it is all clear, but I knew know matter what we would get caught some how. All I need to think about right know is keeping Sally safe.

  We meet up with Jace in the house.

  "Sally, Aidan you two need to go to sleep." Jace says

   Sally and I found the bedrooms upstairs at the end of the hallway. The house was so big. Two bathrooms, four bedrooms, a living room and a big kitchen. Sally wouldn't ever sleep alone cause she was afraid of what might happen. Every night I would hold her until she was asleep. Jace would stay down stairs to keep watch.

    That Morning

    Sally and I woke to loud noises from down stairs.

  "Sally stay here understand."

  I knew she wouldn't listen to me but I had to try. When we got to where we could here better we heard voices.

  "Are you the only one here." a guy asks

  "Yes I am." Jace says

  Then Sally makes a noise and the guy tell his men to look up stairs.

  "You leave them kids alone." Jace yells as we go hide

  We hid under one of the bed as best as we can. We hear them come into the room and look around then leave. I have to hold Sally's mouth shut. The guys come back and they find us within a second. When they grab Sally I just lose it. I star yelling and screaming at them to let her go.

 "Get your hands off of her." as I say that they slap the crap out of them

 They take us down stairs with Jace. I keep thinking if they hurt Sally like I think they might. I will kill them some how. They go off and talk forever and ever. We they come back over to us and tie us up.

 "Are you three going to come without a word or do we have to kill you now." "That's what I thought"

  About Three Hours Later

   We arrive at a big ship with lots of people on it. They show us where we are going to stay. All three of us are close together. They don't let boys and girls stay in the same room. Three people to a room. One bathroom per four rooms. Maybe this want be as bad as I thought as long as we do what they say. We have a bed to sleep on, food, cloths and we can move about the ship during the day. At night the only thing you can do outside your room is going to the bathroom. I can see Sally and Jace cause there room is beside me and in front of me. I just wonder how long we have to stay here.

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