Love at Destruction

My name is Sally. I am 17 and this is my story. Aidan and I go through a lot. We lost everyone we ever cared about but each other. We were ten when we meet Jace. He takes very good care of us. He is just like a father to us. Aidan and I get thrown on to a ship from the time were ten to seventeen. Jace is on the ship with us as well.

You will have to just read to see why they were thrown on a ship for seven years. See what will start happening to Sally and Aidan as they get older.


1. The Meeting


Hey this is first time written a book just let me know what you think of it later on......



     My name is Sally. I am nine years old  and live with my mom Laura. My dad had died when I was five. Were I live there any many people there for me to hang out with. Until one day, a moving truck pulled in next door. I ran outside to see what was going on. Mom was standing on the steps looking over at me. I walked over to her and sat beside her.

"Who do you think it is moving in mom?", I said.

"I don't know dear", said mom.

Then a boy jumped out of the car. I asked if I could go over there and talk to him. I ran over there so happy. I was so happy that I finally had someone to hang out with.

"Hi my name is Sally. I live next door", I said.

The boy just stood there for a second. "Hi my name is Aidan. How old are you?", the boy said.

"I'm nine. What about you?", I said back.

"I am ten years old.", He said. 

The hole time were standing there I couldn't stop thinking THANK GOD. Finally someone to hang out with. Mom finally come over and told them who she was. Aidan's mom's name was Allison and his dad's name was Jack. After we stood there talking for hours mom I had to go so they could get unpacked. Mom looked at me funny on the way back.

"What is it.", I said.

"Was that boy your age.", mom said. 

"He is like three months older then me.",I said. 

She told me I'd better be good to him his first day of school. I ha planed to be nice. I want a friend not to be hated. I couldn't wait for the next day to come.

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