Love at Destruction

My name is Sally. I am 17 and this is my story. Aidan and I go through a lot. We lost everyone we ever cared about but each other. We were ten when we meet Jace. He takes very good care of us. He is just like a father to us. Aidan and I get thrown on to a ship from the time were ten to seventeen. Jace is on the ship with us as well.

You will have to just read to see why they were thrown on a ship for seven years. See what will start happening to Sally and Aidan as they get older.


2. School

     When I walked into school I seen Aidan. He was walking into Ms. Webb's class. That was my class as well. When I walked into class my friends Kiddy,Melissa,Michelle,Katie ran up to me asking who the new guy was.

"His name is Aidan. He just moved in next door.",I had told them.

They keep asking me a lot about him, but I didn't know him that well yet.

"He is so cute.",Kiddy said.

"No he isn't.", I said.

"Does he really live next door to you.", Melissa said.

"Yeah!", I said.

Aidan walked over to us. "Hi Sally. Do you have this class to."

"Yeah", I told him.

"You want to hang out with me at my house after school", He asked

"Yeah sure why not", I told him

He walked away and went over with the boys.

My friends went crazy after he walked away. I asked then what was wrong,but they wouldn't say much. All they would say was that I was so lucky. I thought why was I so lucky; it is just a guy.

      **********Skip to after school************

After school, I ran home to ask my mom if it was okay for me to hang with Aidan at his house. I walked in and asked her. she told me I could that just better be good. I ran out of the house. I knocked on the door and when it opened I seen Aidan there.

He finally said, "You could come in"

We walked into the kitchen where his mom was cooking.

"Hey Sally, How are you today?"

"Good", I replied back

Aidan and I walked to his room down the hall from the kitchen.

"What do you want to do", Aidan said.

"What ever you want to do."

We ended up watching a scary movie about vampires. I heard my phone go off and when I looked at it was my mom texting me.

From Mom- What are you doing

Me- Watching a movie with Aidan

From Mom- Okay but when the movie is over come home.

Me- Okay

Aidan wanted me to stay longer but I couldn't stay. "I can't stay mom wants me to come home"

"Okay but will you come over tomorrow", he asked.   

"I will try", I said running home.

        ************skip to summer***************

After that day Aidan and I were always together. My other friends hated him cause I was with him all the time. When they would come over he would be there as well. Everyone thought me and him were more then friends, but I can't see us together like that. He is more like my brother then anything else. That summer it all changed on my birthday. We become even more close.



Hope you guys will like it.


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