Love at Destruction

My name is Sally. I am 17 and this is my story. Aidan and I go through a lot. We lost everyone we ever cared about but each other. We were ten when we meet Jace. He takes very good care of us. He is just like a father to us. Aidan and I get thrown on to a ship from the time were ten to seventeen. Jace is on the ship with us as well.

You will have to just read to see why they were thrown on a ship for seven years. See what will start happening to Sally and Aidan as they get older.


4. Jace

     Sally POV

We stayed out of sight in case someone comes into the house. When it was dark outside we closed the blinds that way no one could see in. All that night Aidan kept trying to get me to eat. I wasn't hungry though. I lay on the bed up stairs wondering what was going to happen to us. Aidan then walked in and lied beside me rapping his arms around me. He stayed with me the hole night. We finally fell asleep beside each other. We woke up when the light threw the window hit us. We then heard some loud noises from down stairs. Aidan told me to stay there but I just couldn't let him go alone.

        Aidan POV

Sally never does what I tell her to. She had to come with me,but I know why she did. I picked up something really hard to hit what ever was down stairs. We got where we could see but nothing. We went down the stairs very easy. A tall guy jumped at us. I went to hit him and he said that he was a good guy.

"If your a good guy then why did you jump out at us?"

"I thought you were one of the guys that killed my family.", The tall guys said

"We seen them yesterday when the killed a guy. Who are they any way?"

"They are very bad people. They don't care who you are if you don't do what they tell you they kill you. If they don't kill you they take you to a very big ship."

"What do they do to you on the ship?"

"I don't know haven't been on it."

"Okay well who are you?"

"My name is Jace. What about you two?"

"I am Aidan and this is Sally. The bad people must have got our family as well."

"They killed all of mine. The day that they come to my house I wasn't there. When I came home I found ever one dead."

I looked at Sally to see if she was okay,but she wasn't there. I ran up stairs to see if she was there in the room, but she wasn't there either. I run back down stairs only to find her in the kitchen cooking.

            Sally POV

I was sad to hear about his family. I ran to the kitchen to cook something for all of us. Jace come in there with me.

"Do you talk any girl?", Jace asked

"Yeah! Sorry about in there if Aidan sounded rude. He just don't trust anyone around me."

"Well if I may ask Why?"

"Me and him are very close friends and are familys is gone. We only have each other."

"Well you have me know."

When he said that I felt more safe. Aidan ran in yelling at me and Jace. I don't know if Aidan and Jace will get along very well when it comes to me.

"You stay away from Sally",Aidan yelled at Jace

"Aidan stop he isn't going to hurt me by talking to me"

"I don't care"

Jace stood up and walked over to Aidan and looked at him. I though Jace was going to hit Aidan but he didn't.

"I ant going to hurt her okay Aidan. She told me that you two are very close and have no one else. I am going to be here for you all now."

Aidan waled over and pulled me up stairs. I though Aidan was going to hit me or something.

"Are you sure we can trust him Sally"

"Yes I do. He won't hurt us. He told me that he would take care of us"

"I still don't trust him cause if he hurts you in any way I will find away to kill him"

"Aidan stop it will you. I know that you love me but you can't protect me from everything. Do you trust me?"

"Yes I trust you but still"

"But nothing. If you trust me then your going to have to trust me that he is a good guy."

He just looked at me funny and said fine what ever. I knew he was mad at me for what I said but I don't care. Jace is a good man.

     Aidan POV

Why does she have to be like that. I know it means more protection for her but I still don't trust him. I walk down stairs with Sally by my side. We sat down by Jace and ate what Sally made for us. Sally was done and went to the living room.

"Jace I know you mean well but don't you ever touch Sally okay."

"I wont ever hurt her or you. I know you don't trust me but I will show you that I ant a bad person."

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