Love at Destruction

My name is Sally. I am 17 and this is my story. Aidan and I go through a lot. We lost everyone we ever cared about but each other. We were ten when we meet Jace. He takes very good care of us. He is just like a father to us. Aidan and I get thrown on to a ship from the time were ten to seventeen. Jace is on the ship with us as well.

You will have to just read to see why they were thrown on a ship for seven years. See what will start happening to Sally and Aidan as they get older.


3. 3

     My Birthday was coming up and I wanted it to be great. Aidan and I were at my house helping mom with the party stuff. 

"What do you want for your birthday", Aidan asked

"What ever you want to get me. You know me better then anyone"

Mom come outside and asked us to walk to the store and get some more party stuff. We grabbed the money and ran down the road. The store wasn't that far away. 

    ******Skip the walk back******

Aidan asked,"Hey do you notice that there wasn't anyone in the store or out walking around"

"Yeah" I said back

When we walked in the house it was quiet. I yelled for mom but there was no reply. I went all over the house looking for her.

I look at Aidan and said to him, "she might be over at your house." 

We rushed over to house only to find that there wasn't anyone over there either. We ran back to the store to see if they were there, but even the cashier was gone.

"What the hell is going on here.", Aidan yelled out

"I don't know but it ant good what ever it is"

We looked ever where we could think of. Nothing even my other friends were missing as well. We finally just gave up and went back to the house. We though that maybe mom would come back soon. When we walked in the light wouldn't come on.

"Well great no power", I said crying

"We can't stay here", Aidan said look mad

"I know but what if our parents come back and we ant here"

We stayed the night thinking that they may come back. We couldn't sleep though. The next morning come fast. They never showed up so we had to leave. Aidan went to his house and packed a few things. I packed a few things as well. We didn't know where we were going, but we didn't have much of a chose. We walked for ever and when it stared to get dark we found the nearest house. I was scared to death of what would happen to us.

"It will be okay Sally don't be scared"

"No it wont be okay. I want to be home getting ready for my party. I am glad that I am with you though."

He just hugged me tight. "I am sorry that your birthday was so shitty today"

We finally fell asleep. The next day I woke up to find that Aidan was gone. I jumped up looking for him and finally found him in the kitchen looking for some food.

"Good morning Sally"

"You butt don't ever do that to me again."

"Sorry didn't mean to worry you"

We stood looking out the window only to to see three people walking the road. One was in front the other two in the back. All of the sudden the two in the back shoot the one in front. Aidan pulled me from the window so I couldn't see them any more.

"Why would someone do that", I said in tears.

"I don't know why"

The rest of the night was so scary. I didn't want to leave Aidan arms. I couldn't stand it if someone did that to Aidan. All threw the night Aidan wouldn't leave my side.

    Aidan's POV

When I seen them shoot that guy down I knew I had to get Sally away from the window. She was so shaken up. I wouldn't let anyone ever hurt her. I love her to much. She is all the family I have left. That night I wouldn't leave her side for any thing.

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