A story unlike any other, more dream than reality. Josh a some-what nerdy kid with a talent for mechanics and guns but everything changes when he meets a girl.


2. New chapter

-hey what's up josh is a vamp-

I woke up with aching pain all over my body and I got up and started walking around my house and just as I thought no one was around but that's ok my parents are never home anyway I walked into are living room and saw a guy on top of my younger sister "what the fuck!" I said in anger, which startled him, he jumped off my sister and he said "oh it's just you" "stay off my sister you fucking cocksucker or I'll beat the shit out of you a hundred times over!" "Joshua stop it I am 16 years old, no older than you were your first time!" "Just get the fuck out of my house or there will some one going to jail and it won't be me"

"Josh is everything ok?" Kenzie said coming up to me then holding my hand

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