Rising From The Hell

The story is about a vampire whose wife was murdered by a vampire and he was turned.Now he seeks revenge on that vampire. But being a vampire he himself can't cause any harm to him.


1. Cursed

 I can’t return to the nest. I can never go back to that place because that place reminds me what I am. No matter how I try to avoid it, I always end up hating me as I hate them. Because I am one of them! One of those blood sucking freaks who neither  have the power to feel nor have the opportunity to love which the most beautiful thing of the nature, the best of the Almighty’s creation. They only know one thing, just one thing i.e hunger. The hunger and thirst for the red color fluid running through the veins and heart of the human being. They don’t even have the courage to face the daylight. Why I was made like this? Why became one of those creatures whom I used to hate most? I have even lost the courage to face Christie. I can’t go to her, I  can’t cry in front of her in loud voice,” Forgive me, My Love!” I just stare her from far, behind the oak trees. I watch her whole night. Vampires become active in the night time, but I just watch my love. Every night while I watch her, I sank down in to something strange or I rise up from this filth?? I am unable to say what really happens. But during that time I forget being a blood sucking demon. I want to become human again. I want to fall in love with that beautiful girl again. I wish to look into those pretty eyes and feel the love which lies (or used to lie) inside her loving heart through them. But to my dismay I can’t do that. I am also not enough strong to think of it.

             The first ray of the sun came out behind her. When it touched my skin, It entered my skin piercing my muscles and bones giving me immense pain. As if she wanted to burn me with the help of sun for what I had done. It was not just sunray. It was her anger and sorrow that was touching my skin. I couldn’t withstand it. Actually I lack the courage to withstand it because I know what I had done to her. I knew I don’t even deserve a place in hell. I had become a hell, a walking hell which burned its own soul and had brought up a devil inside it. I was nurturing that devil inside me. Now I hate that devil. I wanted to take revenge on Harry. But I was the real culprit. I was the real freak.

          I went deep to the forest running away from the light to darkness. This darkness had become an important  part and parcel of  my life not only because I had to stay in the darkness for my survival but also I had given it a realm inside my body. I lived in the darkness of both side; darkness of the outside world and darkness of my own body. That had given me the fear for the light as I was so used to darkness. I was bearing this darkness all these years. But I was blaming Harry for all those incidents. I began to hate myself more. These fangs which were present inside my mouth was just like the fangs of a poisonous snake. But they bit me all the time. They made me furious. But the marks of those fangs were more prominent inside me, on my soul than on the necks of my preys. I tried to uproot those fangs from my gums and break them to pieces trying to confront me that I was not one those freaks, I was not a vampire. I would become normal. But they were like the symbol of the curse upon me and no matter how much I try I can’t run away from that curse as I cursed myself.

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