The Rising Corspes

*For the walking dead competition*
The apocalypse happened over a year ago. I've been on the run, ever since.


5. The plan


The world is in uproar. Complete and utter chaos. Destruction apparent everywhere that you looked. What had Earth become?

I had decided it was time.

Enough was enough.

Dad and I had been experimenting before he was... 'Changed'... and it wasn't for the better. None of this was. We had discovered that if you shot an 'infected corpse' in a certain area, they began to change. The problem was that, as soon as we did this, 'the infected' caught on and killed the people we were trying to save. Go figure.

So dad, being the genius that he was, began to think. If we did this one at a time the human race would never recover. However, if every single one of 'the infected' were shot at the same time it could work. The problem was, how?  

"Well" Dad had said in one of those rare moments of speech between us "What is an alternative to shooting?"

"Stabbing?" I guessed, clearly getting the question wrong due to the look dad was giving me.


"Bombing?" I asked him in disbelief. A frown began to envelop itself into my features, threatening to overcome my sense of judgment. He chuckled at my expression. "Dad... I'm not sure if-"

"Emily." He said sharply "If we bomb the place that 'the infection' started, we kill 'the infection' itself. Don't you see that?"

"Yes but we don't know where the infection started."

"Actually we do"

"We do?" I asked, confused at my dad's answer "Where did it start then?"

He paused. Having a silent debate with himself as he watched me, I assumed. His pale complexion was taking on a sickly white. He was also sweating so much it could fill several buckets. His pale brown eyes almost looked 'greasy' with the amount of fluids he was losing... Come to think of it, he had been going to the toilet and awful lot lately. Dad had just brushed it off saying it was just old age but I think it was something more... Something was wrong, I could tell. "Dad?..."

I took a deep intake of breath. He was obviously trying to keep his emotions under control as he studied me. "Please say something, you're scaring me."

"Where do you think it started Emily?"

"I don't know... Do I?"


"It could be anywhere dad. The park? Or the museum? Or the fire station? Or..."

"Or where Emily?"

I faced my dad. Trembling as I looked at him I whimpered.

"It can't be"

"There was only one person who could have spread it."

The infection' spread when she... When she... Broke out of...

"The Hospital"


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