The Rising Corspes

*For the walking dead competition*
The apocalypse happened over a year ago. I've been on the run, ever since.


2. Spreading


I began noticing the characteristics of those with the infection about a week afterwards. How did I notice? My sister was one of the first to become infected. Josie was her name. 

'The infection' began with a fever that the victim couldn't overcome, making their skin turn red and blotchy. It spread all around their body, starting at the forehead and developing all around until... they were completely covered. The skin then began to peel, exposing the sensitive and new skin underneath which was a strange colour. The skin looked mouldy. It was like bad cheese that had been left in the open for three weeks straight. But by then, my sister was too far gone to save.

Her eyes turned a piercing blue that was clearly inhuman. She became unfocused and confused when she spoke, no longer screaming in pain like she once was. She just sat. Watching us, watching her. Groans escaped her mouth from time to time, exposing her yellow teeth which were imbedded into her grey gums. By then we knew. Josie was no more.

My mother. She refused to leave Josie's side for even a second at a time. She lost control, calling my father selfish for leaving the hospital to go and eat or sleep... We both knew then. Dad and me. Josie had gotten to her.

My mother was next to go. She began showing the same symptoms as Josie had, only a couple of hours after Josie had broken out of the hospital. She had been bitten. Above her elbow, the doctors said. They wouldn't let us in to see her...

The last memory I have of my mother is seeing her through a one way glass panel. She was surrounded by doctors trying to restrain her, pinning her down to her bed. The doctors were clearly panicking, pressing buttons on the walls, yelling to one another as my mother fought them all; baring her teeth at anyone who dared come near her. She knew I was there you see. Her transparent blue eyes glistened over as she looked over at the panel I was looking through. She knew. But, I didn't do anything... I couldn't. I just let myself be led away by my father, away from the woman who raised me. Who loved me. Who cherished me... I was fourteen. 

'The infection' was spreading. Dad and I went on the run, hiding in abandoned houses and alleyways... Anywhere to get away from the ones we loved. We had to learn how to fight, everywhere we turned 'the infection' was. So we knew... We knew had to fight for survival.



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