The Rising Corspes

*For the walking dead competition*
The apocalypse happened over a year ago. I've been on the run, ever since.


6. Sight seeing


I felt like my life was going in slow motion.

I could see everything at once as I plummeted towards my destination. Towards the 'beginning'. Towards the source...

I could see 'the infection' walking... No... Running towards the hospital. 'The infection' had called on its warriors to defend it. To protect it at any cost.

There were thousands of little dots, running towards the hospital. They looked almost like ants, returning to the nest. Such desperation of their actions showed even at a distance. It was quite beautiful if you think about it. Thousands of 'infected' working together, not caring what or who anybody else was. 'The infection' had done it. It had joined the human race together as one.

The consequences of its actions were clear to be seen though. Buildings, beneath me, lay cold and bare. No sign of pure life was anywhere to be seen and the trees of the city held a dark shadow that didn't move. The streets were littered with human remains both of adults and those of a child's. Whole bodies lay in street bins and hung over trees where 'the infected' clearly had dumped their meal. Rubble and dust lay among the bodies, giving a constant reminder that all was not well on Earth. Taxi's and bikes stood abandoned from where their owners had left them, never intending to return. The sight sickened me.

The sight made me fear.

Fear death.

Fear failure.

Fear... Her.

She was the one who called them. She was 'the infection'. A monster created to destroy the human race at any cost. But she won't succeed. No. Not this time.  

My name is Emily. I'm nothing special. I never got straight A's at school. Never even got B's. But I will tell you one thing; I am the only thing that the human race has got left to survive. I have been described as a lost cause.  The only pure human being left on this dammed Earth. While those things may be true, I am also one other thing... My father's daughter.

"Never give up"



Word count: 1,764


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