The Rising Corspes

*For the walking dead competition*
The apocalypse happened over a year ago. I've been on the run, ever since.


4. Dying


I might as well have been a corpse myself... 

I no longer understood the need to breathe

To feel.

To live...

Just me walking was a living reminder that my life could never be full again. Well... If you could call this living anyway.

'The infection' is global. There is no-one else left. No-one.

So what should I do? The saying "Never give up" no longer applies to me. It never did.

My dad was the positive one. The 'brains' of the operation... Now, as it turns out, he 'eats' them instead of 'being' them. 

Do I keep running? Keep wandering? Do I keep the 'cause'? Or do I give up? Do I find a cure and die trying to save humanity? Should I die honourably? With dignity? Or die a coward...

I'm all the human world has left. 

I'm a lost cause.

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