Mackenzie just moved to LA a year ago once she turned 18, she moved there along with her best friend Grace. Mackenzie moved to LA to pursue a career in acting, she is already the main roll in the TV show indirect. 5 Seconds of Summer, are making a music video for their new song Don't Stop and request Mackenzie to be in it. How can one music video turn into a beautiful love story?


1. Inroduction

The Characters:

Grace Smith: Leighton Meester 

Calum Hood: As himself

Michael Clifford: As himself

Luke Hemmings: As Himself

Ashton Irwin: As Himself

Mackenzie Hersh: I will leave the character up to you because she is the main character, but I personally picture her with mid-length brownish-blonde hair, grey eyes, medium tan skin, medium height, flat stomach, long eyelashes. But that's just how I see her. 



My updates will not be on a schedule, I procrastinate everything so there will be no telling when I will update. 

The Story Line: 

It's a love story between Ashton and Mackenzie. The boys will already know who she is because she is on this TV Show called indirect, and the TV show is sort of like Awkward. The boys want her in the music video for Don't Stop, and Ashton and her kind of take a liking to each other and it will be cute and make me sad. 

About Me:

I do go to school, and I'm a massive 5 Seconds Of Summer fan. I like most music to be honest. And I have written other fan fictions, but I just wanted to start new, and write my first 5SOS one! So you can feel free to comment and anything, so yeah :) 


I hope you enjoy my fan fiction! :) 


Sorry about the introduction, just thought you guys would like to know about it...

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