Mackenzie just moved to LA a year ago once she turned 18, she moved there along with her best friend Grace. Mackenzie moved to LA to pursue a career in acting, she is already the main roll in the TV show indirect. 5 Seconds of Summer, are making a music video for their new song Don't Stop and request Mackenzie to be in it. How can one music video turn into a beautiful love story?


2. 'I'm a white girl, who wanted Starbucks'

Mackenzie s POV:

I was late. Again. All I really wanted was some freaking Starbucks. But of course, I got there and it was full of people. But I did eventually get my Starbucks, I was just late to some important meeting that Karen texted me about. Karen was my agent, has been for five years now. Ever since I was 14. She's put up with my sassy remarks, and my sarcastic attitude for five years. Claps for Karen. 

I walked into the building where my meeting was supposedly being held. I walked up to the front desk and the receptionist, who's name I learnt was Ava, knew who I was and directed me to the meeting room. I offered her a small smile, which she gladly returned. And prepared for the glares Karen was going to send me once I entered the room.

I opened the door slowly, and walked in awkwardly. There were six people sitting around the table, one of them was Karen, and I knew four of them were in a band, but the other guy, I had no idea. Karen sighed "Why are you late?" I sat down in a chair next to Karen and a boy with black hair. I had to think of some kind of excuse. 

"Can't think of a good enough excuse?" Karen asked raising her eyebrow. "I'm just trying to think of an excuse I haven't used this month" I smiled sweetly. "And if you raise your eyebrow any higher it will disappear into your hair" I added smoothly before sipping my Starbucks.

The four boys near me stifled a laugh. Karen just rolled her eyes and introduced me around the room. I now know the other man in the room was Todd, he was the one directing the music video. I also learnt the boys names in the band. It turns out the black haired boy next to me was Calum, the boy next to him with blonde hair was Luke, the boy next to him with... I'm not really quite sure what colour hair, it looked faded, was Michael. And the one boy that fascinated me the most, with curly hair and lovely biceps was Ashton. 

I smiled at them and shook their hands. "I'm Mackenzie" they gladly shook my hand and we all sat down, and I was prepared for a meeting in which I didn't know what was going on. It kind of reminds me of my high school maths class. Karen looked at me "Why are you actually late?"

"I'm a white girl, who wanted Starbucks" I said simply, sipping from my Starbucks to prove my point. Karen smiled at me, with an amused smile. I just shrugged my shoulder. Todd smiled at me fondly "You would get along with my daughter so well" I smiled at him. 

"So" I said "What is this meeting about? I'm not to clear on the details and stuff" 

Calum turned to look at me. "We" gesturing to the rest of the band "Want you to be in our music video for our new song Don't Stop" 

Luke nodded. "Have you heard it?" 

I had heard it. Grace and I were watching MTV and it came on. Grace started fan girling like the little weirdo she was. But I did quite like the song. "Yeah, I heard it on MTV" I smiled.

They all nodded. And Ashton began to speak up. I was about to hear his voice. His beautiful face, had a voice. What was happening to me? 

But Michael cut him off. "Our music video is like us being superheroes, and there is this one girl we're all fighting for, to get her attention, and then we end up saving her, and yeah" I nodded although I wanted to tell him to 'shhh' so I could hear Ashton speak. 

"So would you like to be in the video?" Ashton asked? He spoke. It was like a million angels. God I'm weird. But what if his singing voice was any better? What if his lips were on my lips? What if he flexed his biceps? How would that look? What if he-

"Mackenzie?" Everyone was looking at me. I just realized I was ignoring everyone. Whoops.

"Uhm, yeah sure sounds fun. I've always wanted to be rescued by superheroes" I smiled 

They all smiled. "I will draw up paperwork and get recording right away" Todd said reaching for some papers. 

Karen smiled. "That would be great, and Mackenzie?" 

"Yes?" I said, dragging out the 's' 

"Grace texted me, and told me you left your phone at home, and the screen cracked because of how you threw it at her this morning when she tried to wake you up"

I laughed at the memory. "I know, I kind of guessed, I mean after it hit her it landed on the floor with large force" 

Karen rolled her eyes "You must of been hell as a child, I feel sorry for your mother"

I smirked. This was always said about me. "Where do you think I got my attitude and sassiness?" 



A/N: Hi:) It's my first proper chapter. Please let me know what you think about it! And yeah. I'll update sometime later, I'm tired and ugh. And also guys, I don't know how the whole music video thingy/meetings actually work? So just bare with me.

Thankkkkksssss! :) x 


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