It all started at school

Lisa is a sixteen year old girl when the one and only Harry styles moves to her school will they hate eachother or or fall in love u will just have to read to find out


1. meet Harry

Lisa's POV:

My name is Lisa I go to ridgewood high and I'm 16 so I usually wake up around 6 am but today I woke up at eight so I'm on. My way to school and finally after a ten minuite ride I am at school so I walk in and I see a group of girls yelling and screaming so I look over the girls and I see the one and only HARRY STYLES. Being the dork I am I just walk away I knew who Harry was but not really a fan of one direction but I knew he was cute I wonder what he was doing in my school so later on in sixth period and I start heading to my car and someone taps me on my shoulder and I turn around and see Harry so I say "hey Harry how's it going." And he says "Fine how about you."i say "fine so what did u need Harry ." I say in confusion ." I saw u in the hall way. And I wanted to know if u wanted to be my girl friend?"


What do u think Lisa will say ? Next chapter will be tomorrow

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