Nerds Had Secrets

Ever heard of the angel,Delilah Kingsley? ever wish you wanted to be like her? of course you would,she got the looks,the body,not to mention boys head over heels for her

But she needs to go to school first.There's no problem for that right,but for her there is

She needs to be disguise as a school's nerd to hide her true identity

She goes to school by the name Grace Adams

Enter James Knight cocky,arrogant,huge player.He doesn't follow rules and regulations,he is a great definition of as a 'Bad Boy'

What happens when this notorious bad boy finds out her secret? How will she cope with this player without everyone finding out her secret

And most of all how will she survive being The Model in Disguise for how much long

Observe loners better,because Nerds had Secrets


2. School Sucks

Chapter 2- First Day of School Sucks


Beep beep beep!


Argghh!! I groaned at my alarm clock "Honey wake up,you need to get ready for school" Arggh I hate schools "Few more minutes mom" but she ignore me instead she pull the warm covers off me "MOM!!" I whine "Get ready your gonna be late your brother is waiting"


I crossed my arms on my chest and pouted like a little girl


I stomp my feet and jerk away to the bathroom.I put a vanilla scented shampoo and enhale the scent 


When I finally finish putting some undergarments I slipped my baggy long skirt,the one that is ugly baggy sweatshirt my fake braces,brown frizzy wig and fake nerdy glasses


Walking downstairs I was nearly trip by my long skirt,Arghh why can't just mom and dad let me go to school as delilah


When I went to the kitchen their already there waiting for me 


After finishing my breakfast I grab my ugly bag and went

to my brother's black lamborghini.But mine is much better haha I got red BMW which I only use as delilah


He pulled out the driveway and then he was surrounded by his friends,my brother is what you call 'Hot Jock', 'It Guy' or 'Biggest Player'


"Eww daniel why would you bring that thing,You seriously need to get rid of that it will ruin your reputation" trey,one of daniel's friends points at me "Back off guys" he defended me.Now that's what you call a big brother


Don't worry but sooner or later you'll know the real me,the Delilah Kingsley world's number one hottest supermodel


I was planning to expose my secret on graduaion Day


"Hey did you know that delilah kingsley is living in your neighborhood? you lucky bitch!" I heard trey jealousy spat at daniel you know the one who bullied you a while ago is your number fan is kinda awkward


I started to walk away from them


"Umm excuse me I need to get my schedule" I kinda ask the secretary who was busy texting on her phone "Oh sorry! name?" she said sounded with a fake smile,seriously what kind of school is this hiring a secretary who is bored for her job "Uh,Grace Adams"


She handed me my schedule and I jogged away to find the Science Room

Luckily I went on the right time

I scan for the seats but sadly the only seat left is beside

James Knight

aka Mr.Player,my enemy

"Hey nerdy I need a pencil can I borrow one?" he smirk "Go borrow with someone else"

"Well your the biggest nerd here,I'm sure you had extra one" nerd huh,dumbness I'm not a nerd you know

I roll my eyes "So if you don't wanna offer me a pencil..." he smirk devishly oh no I know that smirk "Perhaps you can give me..." he smirk again...I mentally laugh

He thinks I'm that innocent

Guess what Mr. Player you can't stole my virginity because it's already stolen I wanted to say to him but thinks might get a little heavy if I did

Yeah I gave up my virginity to my ex boyfriend

I rolled my eyes


School was boring same the same

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