Nerds Had Secrets

Ever heard of the angel,Delilah Kingsley? ever wish you wanted to be like her? of course you would,she got the looks,the body,not to mention boys head over heels for her

But she needs to go to school first.There's no problem for that right,but for her there is

She needs to be disguise as a school's nerd to hide her true identity

She goes to school by the name Grace Adams

Enter James Knight cocky,arrogant,huge player.He doesn't follow rules and regulations,he is a great definition of as a 'Bad Boy'

What happens when this notorious bad boy finds out her secret? How will she cope with this player without everyone finding out her secret

And most of all how will she survive being The Model in Disguise for how much long

Observe loners better,because Nerds had Secrets


1. Exhausting Day from a Photoshoot

Hello movellians I'm new here,I like to share some of my story here in movellas that I didn't share in wattpad and the reason I write this is because I write Three stories in there that still on progress.As you know I'm a wattpader


Chapter 1- Exhausting Day from a Photoshoot

"Just one more time delilah" the photographer beamed the the camera at me "sexy" I bend my hips a little "and that's a wrap great job angel" I yawn sleepily and manager must've notice this"Tired?" I turn my head to see who the person is and expect to see my manager,melanie I nodded


"Today was along day yah know" she smiled "Come on,let's get you home" she said leading me exit to the car


The scenery of our photoshoot is in the beach,it's a perfect view because I laid in the sand during sunset earning a perfect photography and background.


We finally reach the car without people knowing.We sneak like a ninja so that they will not know.Of course we don't want to get attack by fans and ask loads of questions are we?!


"You need your beauty sleep tonight,we don't want to get tired and sleep at class are we?" my head snapped back at melanie and my eyes widened "Oh right?"


"What about my disguise?" 


"Don't worry we'll take care of it" 


When I went home I was tackled by a hug from daniel "Heya sis,how's photoshoot" my brother ask my day "Exhausting" I yawn again,dammit why do I always yawn,it's not that exhausting is it.Not to wonder what I answer to daniel.Act natural grace I mentally scold myself


You see my real name is Grace Delilah Adams,and before you ask confused why my photographer called me delilah instead of grace? stage name is Delilah Kingsley sounds familiar right? yeah the most famous victoria's secret angel and before you ask 'what about the disguise you said earlier?' I'll explain to you.You see I go to school as a nerd.


I hide my golden blonde hair with a frizzy brown wig,I wore fake braces to cover my pearly white teeth and I use thick nerdy glasses for people to ignore or unoticed my ice blue eyes.


"Come on" I smelled a savory smell coming from the kitchen I knew exactly what it is "LASAGNA"


Yeah alot of you people will say,I look like garfield who likes lasagna.Who wouldn't? I mean garfield is a healthy fat cat 


I quickly rush over to the kitchen towards the empty seat before daniel can...but sadly dad sat first.He is reading a newspaper "DAD!" we whined but he ignored us.I'm guessing his laughing mentally.


Mom chuckled silently and place a plate full of lasagna,our mouth water 'Me first!" 


"No me first" daniel whined


And a few minutes all of us burst out laughing


So what do you think of chapter 1? Do you like it? Please vote,comment and fan.I'll update at least once a week.Because I still need to deal with the other books on the other website.


And this chapter is kinda short so I will do my best to make this long on the next chapter.See yah!!




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