Pallid Mors

Pallid Mors is Latin for Pale Death.
In this story, Pallid is a 15 year old boy who is bitten by a vampire named Era Obscurae -meaning Dark Mistress in Latin. His whole life is changed before his eyes, and he's left with nothing to do about it.
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3. 2.

You want them to accept you for who you are, but who are you? Do you even know?

You're not a vampire, you're a regular mortal. Nothing more; nothing less. The only way they'll accept you is if you accept yourself. I'm not sure you've don't that yet.

Learn to accept your fate and they will too.

The same chilling voice that overtook his computer's speakers that night now ran through Pallid's dreaming mind. What did she mean? Pallid knew he knew who he was- he just wanted to be someone different. A vampire..

Why would you want to be like me? This life is.. Cruel! Cruel in every way! You selfish human, don't take your life for granted! You're blessed to be a mortal- useless or not...

Useless? Pallid knew not to be mad at a mere voice, but he was not useless. He sighed and forgot the hurtful word immediately. He chose not to believe there was suffering in being a ferocious beast of the night. Powerful yet majestic, what more could one ask for? He knew this is what he wanted. Immortality and admiration. He wanted to be beautiful- vampirism was the way to get that.

Since your so sure, maybe you'd like to live it firsthand?

Pallid knew that he wanted that, but how?

I can give it to you. I can grant you this 'immortality' and all the 'beauty' you would want. All you need to do is meet me tomorrow, you'll know where.

Was this really a shot at his dreams? The offer was shady, coming from a voice in his mind, but there was only one way to find out...

No! Stupid, stupid, stupid! It's merely a voice! You're dreaming! Wake up!

Not yet, don't wake up yet.

For something Pallid couldn't even see, the voice was convincing. He knew that this was only a joke though, only a dream.

He looked around, finally aware of his surroundings. A forest, similar to the one behind his own home. No, not similar, the exact same.

Why he was in the forest, he didn't know. Dreams could be weird sometimes, but this place didn't feel random. Maybe it had to do with the vampire-incident? Maybe his was where they would meet...

And before he could wonder about the lack of "body-less voice", he awoke.

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