Pallid Mors

Pallid Mors is Latin for Pale Death.
In this story, Pallid is a 15 year old boy who is bitten by a vampire named Era Obscurae -meaning Dark Mistress in Latin. His whole life is changed before his eyes, and he's left with nothing to do about it.
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2. 1.

"You can't run from me."

Her enchanting voice coaxed him through the speakers of his laptop. She was his favorite thing, and what was that?

A vampire.

Pallid knew he could handle any blood-sucker. He also didn't understand why people were so afraid of them.

What was a vampire anyway? Another human, just like you, but one who craves blood. Nothing scary at all. The worst they could do would be to kill you, but to Pallid, that didn't sound like too bad of an offer. And of course, the second worse would be to turn you into a vampire.

That wouldn't be bad at all.

Thought Pallid.

Of course, he had a secret, like any other teenage boy. Pallid had a secret obsession with the undead. This would be the kind of thing that would change his life if it were to get out. He could see it in his mind, why his passion must be kept secret.




"What are you, goth?"

He could see them laughing at him, bullying him, tearing him down.

And for this, his interest with these blood sucking creatures had to be kept secret.

Suddenly, his mind caught the sound coming from the speakers again.


"Oh, but dear, I already have."

The high pitched screaming cued there as it always did, followed by a new camera angle and blood flying over the screen.

This was Pallid's favorite movie, of course, to his friends, his favorite movie was quite different. To his friends, everything about him was different.

And it would stay that way.

He turned off his laptop and sunk away to the comfort of his bed. His head turned to the clock on his wooden nightstand table.


Make a wish.

He thought.

I wish people would accept me for who I am.

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