Falling for my Best Friend?

Jamie Somers and Cameron Dallas have been best friends for so long that they have no clue how long they've been friends. After one little screwup, they move their own ways and haven't seen or heard of each other for two years. So what happens when Cameron comes back with the Magcon boys? Will old feelings come back for these two besties? Or nah?


3. Chapter Two

Jamie's P.O.V.


My phone started ringing in the middle of Taylor's conversation. "Hello?" I asked. "Jamie, Darling!!! I forgot to tell you that we have work tomorrow." Nicolette told me. Nicolette was a woman who hired me as one of her models and we were best friends. "Nicolette, hi!! Um, I have some friends that are staying here in California for a while. Is it ok if they can come?" I asked.


"Of course darling! The more people that come, the more models we have!! Tell me about them." She said. I laughed. "Um, well they're 10 guys. They have millions of fans, people that support them. I think you'll like them." I told her. "That's amazing. Alright, we're going to be modeling on the roof of the building." She told me. "Uh sure." I said and hung up.


"Who was that?" Matt asked. "My boss. She called to remind me that I have work tomorrow." I told him. Cameron laughed. "What?" I asked. "You have a job?" He asked.


I scoffed. "Well the last time I got a job, it was your fault that I got fired cuz you were making out with one of my employees and I was supposed to be watching you two." I spat. All the boys laughed, except Cameron. "Is that why you gave up on me and dated Noah?" He asked. I froze in my seat, all the others watching me.


That was part of the reason. It was how he could have any girl he wanted and then make out with them in front of me like it didn't hurt my feelings. "No, but as I was saying, I told her about you guys and she wants all of you to come with me to work." I told them, avoiding the question. "What kind of work?" Matt asked. I smiled.


"You'd be surprised. I don't even know how you guys still don't recognize me." I muttered.


Cameron's P.O.V.


"You sure it's ok with your mom?" I asked Jamie. She laughed. "Yeah. Plus, she's away on a business trip and isn't coming back in a month." She said and we entered her house. "So we have a couple of guest rooms that you can use." She said. "There's four guest rooms, my mom's bedroom, my room, bathroom, my-" she stopped when she got to her brother's room.


Oh god, she's gonna burst. Dylan, her older brother, found out that he was diagnosed with cancer when he was 13. Just when we all thought that he was gonna make it, he couldn't hold it anymore and died at 17. She was 14 and I was 16. I rested my hand on her shoulder.


"I'll tell them if you want to." I whispered. She nodded. "Later." She said. All the guys were confused, but they didn't ask. "Pairs of two. Since I've known Cameron, he can stay in my room." She told them.


They all made kissy noises. "God no!!! He's like my older brother, okay?" She yelled. Ouch, that hurt. They smiled as nodded. Carter and Matt shared the 1st guest room.


Nash and Taylor shared the 2nd guest room. Jack and Jack shared the 3rd guest room, and Aaron had the last guest room. I put my stuff down in Jamie's room. "So, you can sleep on the bed, and I'll sleep on the floor." She said. "I think it's the other way around." I told her.


She scoffed. "Fine. I'll take the bed. If you sleep next to me." I whispered in her ear, wrapping my arms around her waist. Her breath hitched and she gave in. "Fine, Dallas." She said. After we got changed, she laid down next to me and snuggled closer.


"I'm cold." She muttered. I laughed and wrapped an arm around her. "Night, Jamie." I whispered. "Night, Cameron." She whispered back.

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