Falling for my Best Friend?

Jamie Somers and Cameron Dallas have been best friends for so long that they have no clue how long they've been friends. After one little screwup, they move their own ways and haven't seen or heard of each other for two years. So what happens when Cameron comes back with the Magcon boys? Will old feelings come back for these two besties? Or nah?


7. Chapter Six

Jamie's POV

It's been two weeks. Two weeks without hearing my laughter or Cam's jokes. Right now, it was just me, Jack G, Taylor, and Carter. "You ok?" Taylor asked. I shook my head.

I missed him so much. I ended up playing Call of Duty with them. "Stupid zombie girl! You probably killed yourself because you ruined your friendship with your best friend!" I yelled, throwing a grenade at her. Once the game finished, we saw our scores. "Oh, Taylor she beat you!" Carter yelled.

"By one point!" Taylor yelled back. After a while, we laughed at Carter's imitation of his mom. "See? I told you she was fine." Cam told Nash. I looked over at him and he stared past me. "Please hear me out." I told him, standing up.

"So you can explain that you wanted to play with my feelings?" He asked. I spotted the open can of white paint and got the paintbrush. "No, you stupid congestive jerk!" I yelled, throwing the paint at his face. All the guys ran from the room, leaving me and Cameron in the living room. "Well who made you the queen of heartbreaks?" He asked, throwing some paint on my shirt.

I gasped and painted his neck and shirt. "Well, if you'd listen to me, you'd understand what I'm going through!" I yelled. He dumped some paint on my right side. Oh that's it. "You douchebag!" I yelled, getting his arms.

"Slut!" He yelled, getting my cheek. We then started a paint war and our clothes and the walls were covered with paint. "Do you even know why I'm mad at you?" I yelled at him, dumping half of the paint on his back. He threw it at my stomach. "Because you wanted my attention and you failed at it!" He yelled.

"That's when I threw the remaining paint on his hair. He threw his remaining paint on my hair. "No!" I yelled. "Then why?" He yelled back. "Because it took me four years to realize that I didn't like you! I really didn't." I told him.

Tears welled up in his eyes. "Why are you telling me this?" He whispered. "Because you need to know the truth." I told him. He shook his head. "Well are you done professing your hatred for me? Because I'm done!" He screamed at me, walking away.

"It took me four years to realize that I didn't like you at all because instead I was in love with you!" I screamed towards his back. I watched as he froze in his tracks and slowly turned around to look at me. "What?" He asked. "When I was 13, I realized I had a crush on you and it kept going since I was 14. And I thought it was this major crush and I got with Noah because I hated how you could be with any girl with hurting me. So I hid what I felt. But when you kissed me, that day when I called our friendship over? The minute you left, I realized that I loved you. And I still do. I still did after those two years and the two years you were gone. Cameron, I'm in love with you. And I would never hurt you on purpose." Just as I was going to continue, he slammed me into the wall and kissed me. I kissed him back, my hands reaching up to his hair.

We made out for a while and he pulled away. "Why didn't you tell me this sooner." He stated. "I didn't know how, Cameron. I was going to tell you two weeks before, but you misunderstood the whole conversation." I told him. "Jeremy is-" I cut him off. "Cameron, he's just a friend. He has a girlfriend." I told him.

"Forgive me?" I asked and he nodded. I kissed him and we soon ended up on the couch watching TV. "White Chicks?" He asked me. "You know me so well." I told him. I smiled as Cam pulled me onto his lap.

"I love you Cameron." I told him, laying my head on his chest. "I love you too Jamie." He said.

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