Falling for my Best Friend?

Jamie Somers and Cameron Dallas have been best friends for so long that they have no clue how long they've been friends. After one little screwup, they move their own ways and haven't seen or heard of each other for two years. So what happens when Cameron comes back with the Magcon boys? Will old feelings come back for these two besties? Or nah?


2. Chapter One

Jamie's P.O.V.

 It's been two years since the incident. I sighed and pushed the thought out of my mind. I took a quick shower and let my hair dry naturally, in its curly form. I changed into a sleeveless white crop top, light pink high-waisted shorts, and an open denim shirt. I slipped on my black Vans and got my wallet and iPhone.



"Mom, I'm gonna be around town!" I yelled, skating away on my pennyboard. I got to the Starbucks near the mall and waited in line. I saw at least 9 guys staring at me from the corner of my eye. "How can we help you?" The waiter asked. I smiled.


"Hey Jer." I said. His smile widened. "Can you wait?" He asked. I nodded. "Mind if I help?" I asked.


He laughed. "Not at all. It's just me today anyways." He said. I pumped my fist in the air. "Excuse me." I told the guy in front of me. I jumped over the counter, ignoring the priceless faces on the 9 guys' faces.


"I think those guys like you." Jeremy whispered. I laughed. "Me? Not a chance." I told him and turned to the guys. "You know I could see you staring at me. Take a picture, it'll last longer." I called, seeing them smile and laugh.


Once the customers were gone, Jeremy made us our usual Frappuchino's. "So how's life?" He asked. "If you're asking about Cameron, no." I whispered. Jer sighed. "It's never too late." He said.


I rolled my eyes. "Can I take their orders?" I asked. He nodded. I walked over to the table. "Alright, I'm gonna ask for whatever you guys want." I told them.


"I got a question." The dirty blond said. "Shoot." I said. "Can I have your number?" He asked. I smiled. "Pretty boys these days think they can get girls that easily. I'm a toughie. So nah." I told them.


"Ok, ignore him. Pass us 9 grande cups?" The blue- eyed guy said. I nodded. "Yo Jer!! Toss 9 grandes!!" I yelled. He tossed all 9 and I caught them all. "How-" blue eyes got cut off.


"Years of practice, amigo." I told them, handing each one a sharpie. "Write your names and what frappe you want." I told then and walked back.


Cameron's P.O.V.

She looked familiar. But from where? "Cameron, you ok?" Nash asked. I nodded. She came back and collected our cups.


Oh my God. Jamie. The girl is Jamie. It had to be. She's changed.


Few minutes later, she came with our frappes. "Nash, Aaron, Matt, and Shawn." She said, handing the first four. "Carter, Taylor, Jack G, Jack J." Handing the other four. "And last one to....Cameron." She whispered. "You alright? Gotta crush on him?" Taylor teased.


She slid the frappe towards my direction and looked at me. "Cameron Dallas?" She asked. "Jamie Somers?" I asked. The look she gave me told me that she was in fact Jamie. "Uh, you guys have a great day. Lunch calls." She lied, walking away from us.


"See you Jeremy. Not like I'm running away from Cameron, the guy I told you about." She yelled, and walked out of the store. "Jamie, wait!" I yelled, running after her. I quickly caught up to her. "Jamie, hear me out." I told her, grabbing her arm. She sighed.


"What did I tell you last time?" She yelled, avoiding my gaze. "Jamie, I wouldn't have come- look at me. If I had known that you were around this area, I wouldn't have come, since that's what you want." I told her. She finally looked at me. "Is that what you think?" She asked. "I'm guessing I was wrong." I questioned.


She nodded. "Cameron, I was 14 back then and you were 16. Two years pass, and people change. I just didn't know how to apologize after....that." She said. I looked at her. "And by that, you mean....?" I asked. "You really are clueless aren't you?" She asked.


"When we kissed." She finished. "Oh." I said in realization. "Yeah." She muttered. "Jamie, you're my best friend. You could apologize and I'd be fine with it." I told her. "You still want to be my best friend?" She whispered.


I scoffed. "Jay, we were born to be best friends!" I yelled. She laughed. "Ok, fine. It's good to have you back, bestie." She giggled opening her arms. I tackled her into a hug and threw her over my shoulder.


"Cam, put me down!" She screamed. I laughed. "Never!" I screamed back, running inside Starbucks. "So how do you guys know each other?" Carter asked, filming us. "Cam, put me down." Jamie begged.


"Or nah." I replied.

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