"You can't just go off and get high!" I screamed at him.
"Well I did. And I'm glad I did." He replied hazily.
"You won't be saying that when you become addicted, and go insane!" I continued to scream.
"Well sometimes being insane is ok." He said calmly, as if nothing was wrong.

The smoking was one thing, but the marajuana was another. It was enough he was already sick, and now he decides to add in to the stress by disguising his sadness with more stress.
He felt worthless, dead even.
All because of an addiction.


2. Chapter 2

The first night I had tried pot, I had been wearing a bra and underwear while smoking it. It had been weird. Mind opening almost.

My addiction started almost instantly, but I don't even notice. After my first night at the party I had craved more. It was like each time I did the drug, I lost my virginity over and over.

It felt great. I felt powerful and rebellious. My parents never found out. When My mom and dad were killed, I had been angry, and I smoked to show the could kill them, but not me. I kept smoking more and more until 2 years in I ran away from foster care and met Cribs. Cribs and I lived together for 2 years, selling together, she was my best friend.

Eventually Cribs quite. When she did she had quite For 3 years. After I saw how she did, I quite too. After her 4th year, it had been my 3rd.

But during those 4 years we had been pulled apart. We had fights and soon cribs wanted to move out. I had Convinced her not to, though. It was at this moment that I realized my addiction would save me.

About a month after I figured this out, I took Cribs to a party where I knew there would be pot. I got her drunk, and we smoked again. This time it felt good, and it made us stronger.

We started selling again soon after that. We sold for a year, making up to a 800,000$ per person, per year. It was incredible.

On our anniversary of selling again, we die coded to have a pot-party. We didn't feel the need to use our money on the pot, so well stole it.

Soon we stopped selling and started stealing. After 5 months of that, Cribs had died.

We had been friends for a good 10 years. From 16 to 26.

I miss her more than ever now.

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