The story

Megan loved Mary.

But Mary wasn't Marks, Megan's Ex-Husband.

So then who's is she?

Megan's journey to Mary was filled with someone who stole her heart.


5. The seducing begins

The next day Kurt came over.

He teased Megan throughout the whole day.

Whispering in her ear, nipping on her ear.

Kurt wanted her to want him.

"Why are you doing this? Isn't mark your best friend?" Megan asked him.

He was currently standing behind her while she was cooking. He leaned into her ear.

Kurt's warm breathe made her shiver.

"Why yes he is. That's exactly the reason why I want to fuck you."

Megan sighed and began too cook pasta. Marks favorite food.

Kurt's hands suddenly began to wonder. They landed on her Butt.

He squeezed firmly making Megan gasp.

"Stop it!" Megan pushed his hands off.

"No." With that his hands traveled back on her body.

This time they landed on her breast. Kurt kneaded them softly.

"stop-Ah!" Kurt's kneading became more firm.

Suddenly so fast Megan was out of breath, Kurt turned her around to face him.

He was still kneading her breast. Megan moaned softly.

"I'm going to fuck on this counter, where you cook your food for him. Then I'm going to fuck you on the table where you eat with him." Kurt growled out.

Slowly Kurt's hands traveled downward.

They were at the hem of her shirt.

Then the door opened. "I'm home!" Marks loud voice boomed.

Kurt and Megan jumped apart. He crossed to the other side of the room.

Mark entered the kitchen.

Then he grabbed Megan and kissed her on the lips.

"Mark." She heard Kurt say.

Mark ignored him and continued to kiss Megan. He was an okay kisser. But nothing like Kurt.

Then water splashed in them.

Megan looked to see a pissed off Kurt. He had a sprayer in his hand.

Mark rolled his eyes.

"I have to go to the bathroom." Mark said.

As soon as he left Kurt crossed back over to Megan.

Then he placed his lips on hers.

Kurt's lips melted like butter. He slid his tongue in between her mouth.

They connected tongues.

Eventually they parted. "I can't wait to fuck you." Kurt said holding her waist.

"Me neither." Megan told him.

Kurt's eyes widened. Megan realized what she said.

Then she blushed as Kurt smirked.

"I gotta go. Tell Mark I said bye."

He went to leave but stopped. "Oh and Megan I'm excited too. I will disinfect every part Mark touched on you. Then afterwards you'll be so pleased you will leave him." Kurt said.

Then he left.

Megan touched her lips. Then she licked her lips still tasting Kurt.

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