The story

Megan loved Mary.

But Mary wasn't Marks, Megan's Ex-Husband.

So then who's is she?

Megan's journey to Mary was filled with someone who stole her heart.


7. Tanning Oil

Kurt stayed away for a few weeks.

Megan became used to it. But she missed him.

Plus her heart was betrayed by Mark.

Megan to walk around in her swimsuits, since she was going swimming everyday.

One day Megan had forgotten her tanning oil.

She walked inside to grab it.

Megan had the bottle when she looked up.

Kurt was there, staring at Megan sexually.

Megan stared back, Just as sexual.


"Oh Kurt!" Megan moaned.

She had no idea how this happened.

Kurt was rubbing Tanning oil all over her body. His hands were massaging her back.

Then Megan felt his hands slip under her bottom half of the swimsuit.

Kurt smirked. "I like when you moan my name."

Then he kneaded Megan's Butt.

She moaned out again, as his hands traveled upwards.

Megan turned to him.

"Fuck me." She begged just like he wanted.

His eyes suddenly filled with desire.

"Sure thing Babe. But won't Mark be back?" Kurt asked still rubbing her body.

"N-No he's gone for a week on-"

Megan didn't get to finish before his mouth was on hers.

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