The story

Megan loved Mary.

But Mary wasn't Marks, Megan's Ex-Husband.

So then who's is she?

Megan's journey to Mary was filled with someone who stole her heart.


10. Run, Run as fast as you can

Megan's eyes widened as realization took over. "Y-you used me."

Tears filled her eyes, quickly spilling out.

"Megan darling, you provoked it." Kurt said with a smirk plastered on his face.

"B-but..." Megan trailed off.

"Shut up." Kurt spoke harshly.

More tears fell.

Megan left the room to her bedroom.

Kurt followed after her.

"Megan you knew." He spoke softly.

Megan turned toward his beautiful face. "I did not. But you got what you wanted, so leave."

"Megan..." He trailed off pleading for forgiveness.

"No! Now get the fu-"

Kurt's lips pressed to hers.

She froze up for a moment before responding.

The kiss deepened as Kurt's tongue touched hers.

Lips molded together.

He slipped off her clothes one by one, revealing her creamy skin to him.

Kurt pulled off his shirt and kicked off his pants.

Megan's legs wrapped around his muscled torso, as he laid her back on the bed.

His lips kissed gently down her body, savoring her sweet taste.

Hot opened mouthed kisses were placed over Megan's silky smooth skin.

Then his lips were back on hers.

Without a warning Kurt aggressively thrust into her, making a loud moan escape Megan's lips.

Megan's hands gripped the blankets, as she threw her head back in her intense desire.

Then Megan felt it.

Kurt's fingers tangled into hers.

His roughness with her softness mixed into one.

His fingers tightened there hold as he thrusted harder into her.

"Kurt..." Megan trailed off.

"I love you."

Next thing you know they've both reached there high points, and Megan is cuddled into Kurt's body.

He fell asleep instantly.

She hoped he didn't notice the tears falling into his chest.

"I love you too, Kurt." She whispered to him falling into her own darkness.


Megan woke up to an empty bed.

Kurt was gone.

She got up and checked the closet. Empty.

The bathroom. Also empty.

Megan searched the house top to bottom. No Kurt.

Not even a note.

"He's gone." Mark said from behind her.

"Oh." Megan sighed out.

"Megan...I'm sorr-

Megan suddenly ran to the bathroom, and puked her guts out.

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