The story

Megan loved Mary.

But Mary wasn't Marks, Megan's Ex-Husband.

So then who's is she?

Megan's journey to Mary was filled with someone who stole her heart.


9. Confusion

Kurt was so addicting to Megan. She couldn't get enough of him, or his kisses.

Or even his body...

Things changed after Megan's first time.

True to his word, Kurt gave Megan the best pleasure she'd ever had.

Mark came home after a week of Kurt.

Kurt was getting dressed in living room. So far he had done her everywhere but the kitchen.

He had told her he was saving that place for a special moment.

Anyways Mark just randomly popped in.

He took one look at Megan and Kurt.

Something flashed in his eyes.

Then it was gone in a instant, like the wind.

He walked over to Megan and gave her a big kiss.

It wasn't all that good.

Kurt whispered something in his ear.

Then he stopped and left.

"Let's make dinner." Kurt said smug. He had a satisfied smile on his face.

"What wa-" Megan was cut off.

Kurt's face became gloomy. "None of your concern. Now shut up and cook."

Megan's face turned sad. She turned as her lip trembled. "Fine." Her voice sounded small.

"Megan, I'm sorry." He told her.

Megan ignored him, and began to make pasta.

"Megan..." His voice pleaded.

Megan focused on the pasta, when she was whirled around.

Kurt pushed her back against the counter. "Say you forgive me."

"No." Megan pouted.

Kurt leaned in and gently kissed her neck. "Say yes."

His tongue darted out, licking in soft strokes.

"Ahh!" Megan's head rolled back in pleasure as he continued to tease her.

Megan's body was limp to him. She gave in to her desires.

"Say yes." He whispered once again. This time it vibrated against her body.

"Y-yes." Megan said in her own pleasure.

She felt a rush of air as he took off her shirt.

Kurt touched his lips to hers.

It got-

"Really?" She heard a voice behind her.

There was Mark, not looking mad at all. Instead he looked amused rather than hurt or betrayed.

Megan was confused.

"Yes." Kurt answered back.

"But I admired this one. She could cook, and clean pretty well." Mark said.

Megan was confused.

What was going on here?

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