The story

Megan loved Mary.

But Mary wasn't Marks, Megan's Ex-Husband.

So then who's is she?

Megan's journey to Mary was filled with someone who stole her heart.


6. betrayed

Kurt got worse at teasing Megan.

He came over everyday just to wind her up.

Megan didn't want to say it but it was working. She was beginning to want him. Really bad.

He was too sexy for his own good.

Megan bit her lip.

"Thinking of me, Princess?" He said smirking.

"No actually I was thinking of Mark." She smirked back.

Kurt glared at her and pulled her close. "Not with me, your not."

They were currently in the back yard.

Megan was swimming with Kurt. She had even caught him checking her ass out.

He hadn't denied it.

Instead he smiled and swam away.

Megan started to swim when someone grabbed her out of the pool. Hard.


He looked pissed off. They're were guests behind him.

"Your supposed to fix dinner, not swim around." He whispered yelled in her ear.

But Kurt heard it. His head snapped up, and he came behind Megan.

"That's my fault. I wanted to try out the pool with Megan. Sorry." Kurt fake smiled at mark.

"Oh Okay. Sorry Megan. Why don't we just go out for dinner." Mark suggested.

"I'll pass. Got some stuff to take care of." Kurt said.

He left.

Not before giving Megan a wink, to which she rolled her eyes to.

Mark didn't notice. Instead he sent Megan to get dressed.


Kurt texted Megan again. She ignored it, and shut her phone off.

Marks glare scared her.

He made fun of Megan to his clients. "Megan's cooking isn't that good anyway."

Or "Megan doesn't know how to do this or that."

Megan sighed.

All heads snapped up to her. "Have something to say?" Mark asked.

"No." Megan said looking away from his stare.

They went home hours later.

Well Megan did.

Mark came home hours later. Not alone.

Instead he came in with a women. They kissed and tore off each other's clothes.

Megan felt betrayed by Mark.

So she wanted to betray him too.

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