I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


18. Wedding Details


Today, Johanna, Annie, Prim, my mom, and Peeta's mom are helping me pick out my wedding dress. Jo, Ann, and I all came in my car, much to Annie's discomfort. She's always scared when me or Jo drive. Mom, Prim, and Mrs. Mellark are all in mom's car. When we get there, we all greet each other and all that good stuff. When we get inside, I'm shocked at how many dresses are in here. I mean, the store looks small on the outside but it's huge in the inside. "Who's the lucky bride?" A lady asks. I turn around and see one of the store clerks. "That would be me." I say. She smiles and leads us to the wedding dresses. She tells Jo, Ann, Prim, mom, and Mrs. Mellark to sit in one of those waiting areas. She pulls me with her so I can choose a dress. "So, what's your budget?" She asks me. I nod. "$7,250" I reply. She nods and leads me to te dresses in my price range. I see this beautiful strapless laced dress. I check the price tag, it's $5,000. I really like it. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" The store clerk asks me. I check her name tag, her name is Kristen. I nod and grab the dress off the rack. I see a lot of beautiful dresses, but one catches me eye in seconds. It's a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline. It puffs out at the waist a little. I love it. I grab that one as well. "Ready to try them on?" Kristen asks. I nod and follow her to the dressing room. I try on the laced dress first. It emphasizes my curves and I love it. Kristen leads me to the viewing area where my mom, Mrs. Mellark, Prim, Ann, and Jo sit. When I step out, mom and Mrs. Mellark gasp and start crying a little. As for Prim, Ann, and Jo, they just smile and nod. "You look...amazing, this dress looks beautiful on you!" Mrs. Mellark gushes. Mom nods as she grabs the tissues. "Damn, Brainless...you look stunning." Jo says. Annie nods, I can tell she's trying not to cry. I smile and look at Prim. "I can't believe my big sis is getting married, it feels like just yesterday you were leaving for New York." She says. Everyone nods in agreement. Kristen leads me back to the dressing room. I pull off the lace dress and grab the strapless, sweetheart dress. Kristen zips me up and leads me to the viewing area. The minute I step out, mom and Mrs. Mellark burst into tears. Annie's eyes are watering a little. I smile and step in front of the mirror. I love this dress. It really shows off my curves and there's little rhinestones at the top and it sparkles in the light. My eyes are watering. I turn to the girls. "Oh honey, you look so beautiful. My baby girl is growing up!" Mom gushes. She wipes her tears and smiles. "Kat, honey, my son is so lucky he has you, he never told you this but, he lives for you, he loves you more than he loves us, he didn't tell us because he doesn't want to hurt our feelings. Peeta adores you, honey." Mrs. Mellark says through tears. I wipe away the tears that have fallen down my face. I love Peeta so much. "Kat, I think this is the dress for you, it looks stunning on you and you need to get this dress." Prim says, smiling. "Baby Everdeen is right, Brainless. This dress screams your name and Peeta will fall head over heels for you." Jo comments. I wipe more tears and nod. "This is the dress, it's the one." I manage to say. All the girls start cheering and clapping. Kristen leads me back to the dressing room so I can put my normal clothes back on. I take off the dress and hand it to Kristen, who puts it back on the hanger and in a bag. She hands me the bag and we go out to the checkout. The girls follow us and we pay for the dress. I swipe my card and head out. I get in my car and hand the dress to Jo, who puts it in her lap. I start the car and head to the apartment. When we get there, I check if the coast is clear. When I see that no one is in the apartment, I run to walk-in closet, and hide the dress in the farthest corner from sight. I step into the kitchen and start making sandwiches for the girls. "So Kat, do you have the shoes yet?" Prim asks me. I nod and walk to my closet and grab the box that has my heels. I walk back into the living room and show the girls. All of them gush over the shoes. I head back to my closet and put the box back in the corner. I walk back out to the kitchen and decide to make smoothies. "Hey! Anyone up for smoothies?" I shout. All the girls shout their "yes" and I go to the fridge and grab the strawberries, bananas, and the kiwis. I get the blender from the cabinet and plug it in. I cut up the fruits, get some ice, and a little bit of milk. I pour in the milk, drop the ice in, and place the fruit inside the blender. I blend it until it's the right consistency. I get 7 cups, one for me, Jo, Ann, Prim, mom, Mrs. Mellark, and one for Peeta. I pour the smoothie into te cups and hand them to the girls. I place Peeta's smoothie in the fridge. The girls and I chat until we hear a key going in the lock. The door opens and Peeta walks in and sees all of us. "Hey babe!" I say. I walk up to him and wrap my arms around his neck. He kisses me and a blush. "So where'd you go?" I ask. "Oh I just went down to the bakery to help Ryan with his shift, remind me to tell him he owes me for that." He says. I laugh a little, along with the girls. "So, what did you ladies do today?" He asks. "We...uh...went shopping for something." I say. The girls nod in agreement. Peeta looks at me for a second, then the girls. He looks weary. "You're hiding something." He says, pointing a finger at me. "No I'm not, it's for the wedding, I'll tell you that much." I say. Peeta stares me down then nods. He knows I'm telling the truth 'cause I'm not the best liar and he can tell when I am lying. "So babe, want a smoothie?" I say. Peeta's eyes light up and he nods. I chuckle and head to the fridge to get his smoothie. I walk out and see that he's in the couch. I hand him his smoothie and sit on his lap. "So, what are you ladies talking about. All the girls don't answer. They're looking at me so I can tell him. Damn. "Oh nothing, just wedding details."

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