I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


2. Telling


I run into my apartment and yell "Johanna!" Johanna runs into the living room all frantic and looks confused. "What, Brainless?" She asks. "Do you remember Peeta Mellark from college?" I ask. She nods and says "Yea. What about him?" I smile and tell her everything, starting from when I ran into him outside of Starbucks to when he met Finn to when we caught up and he asked me out. "OMG BRAINLESS!!! You're going on a date!!!!" Johanna yells, clearly excited. Why is it a big deal that I'm going on a date? Come to think of it, it's been a really long time since I've gone on a date, let alone had a boyfriend. Jo grabs my phone and dials Finn. After 3 rings he finally picks up. "Hello?" He answers. "HEY FINN! BRAINLESS IS GOING ON A DATE TONIGHT!" Johanna screams. Finnick screams bloody murder about how his little Kitty is growing up. Johanna and I laugh as he keeps screaming. Did I mention he was on speaker, so all you hear in our apartment is screaming. 10 minutes later someone is knocking on the door. I sigh and get it, only to find Finn and his girlfriend and close friend of me and Johanna, Annie. "I hear someone has a date tonight" Finn chirps. I laugh and roll my eyes. Johanna goes into the living room where Finn and Annie are and calls me over. "So, Brainless, where's the date gonna be? Are you gonna wear something special for Peeta?" Johanna asks. I laugh and say "He told me to meet him in front of Starbucks and I don't know what I'm gonna wear" I check the time and see that it's 6:30. Johanna looks over to what I'm looking at and she jumps up and says "Jeez Brainless, you gotta get ready for your Mr. Right" I chuckle at her comment and pull her with me to my room and open my closet. "Jo, what am I gonna wear? I have no clue what I'm doing" I whine. Jo just laughs and pulls out a few dresses I've had in the back of my closet. "Listen, chance are that this might be a formal/casual date. So, basically, don't go too formal or too casual." She explains. I don't have a lot of dresses. So Johanna helps me with that problem. I end up choosing a strapless blue skin-tight dress that goes a few inches above the knee. As for my shoes, I pick my royal blue wedges and Johanna does my hair and makeup. My hair is curled and I have a smokey eye with lip gloss. I grab my purse along with my keys and wallet and head out. It's 7:50 and I'm nervous beyond belief. I head down to Starbucks and wait for a couple minutes before I see Peeta heading my way. He's is a white V-neck and he's wearing a blazer over it. He's wearing blue jeans and black vans. God he looks hot. He approaches me and wraps his arms around me and I wrap my small petite arms around him. He smells like cinnamon and dill. I could stay like this forever. He pulls back and looks me in the eye and says "You look amazing" I blush and look down. Peeta chuckles and I say "Thanks. I'm a sucker for V-necks" This time Peeta looks down. He takes my hand and we start walking down the sidewalk. "So, where are we going?" I ask while clutching his arm as if it was my life line. "Well I was thinking a dinner date at Olive Garden" he says and my eyes bulge at the thought that Peeta went through the trouble to make a reservation at Olive Garden. I mean Olive Garden is always packed and to get a reservation is a hard task. Since this is New York, we just walk there because really, it's just around the corner. When we get there Peeta claims our reservation and the waitress takes us to our table. We order our drinks and talk about random things. "So what do you do for a living?" Peeta asks. "Well, I work at Applebee's. I know, crappy job but it pays well. What about you? What do you do?" I ask. "I work at my parents' family bakery. You know...uh..Mellark's Family Bakery?" It takes me a second to remember and when I do, I realize that it's the bakery down the street from Starbucks. "Isn't it down the street fr Starbucks?" I ask. Peeta smiles and nods. "Oh my God I love the cheese buns!" I exclaim. Peeta laughs at my outburst and my love for cheese buns. Our food comes and we dig in and when I'm at the point where I can't ingest more food, the bill for the food comes. I reach for it but Peeta grabs it first and says "Uh,uh,uh I'm paying, hun" I make a pouty face and Peeta just smiles. We leave and take a stroll through Time Square. Peeta pulls me to the side and looks me in the eye. "Katniss, I've been meaning to tell you something" he says with a look of seriousness. I smile slightly and say "Okay, shoot" He hesitates before he says "I really like you and ever since I bumped into you earlier, I couldn't stop thinking about you and I know this is gonna sound crazy but...Katniss, will you be my girlfriend?" I'm surprised and overwhelmed. "Peeta, I've liked you since college but i didn't know how to express it and when I ran into you today I was so happy and yes, I'll be your girlfriend" I say. Peeta pulls me into a bone-crushing hug. He looks so happy and to be honest, I feel the same way.

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