I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


1. Stumbling


My alarm is blaring. I slowly open my eyes and see my cousin, Johanna holding my phone in front of my face. "Get up, Brainless!" She yells while jumping up and down. "Dammit, Johanna! Let me sleep!" I tiredly mumble. Johanna rips the covers off my bed and pulls me to the floor, fully awakening me. I groan and get up, not caring that I'm in just a tank top and shorts. I walk to the bathroom and brush my teeth and hair. I walk out onto the balcony of my apartment and look over the city. I live in New York and Johanna and I live together. I work at Foot Locker and Johanna works at Starbucks with my best friend Finnick Odair. I walk back inside and pull some jeans, a tank top, my gray converse and grab my bag with my phone, wallet, and keys and walk out the door. I walk into Starbucks and order my usual Strawberries and Cream frappe and just when I'm about to walk out the door, Finnick yells across the coffee shop, "HEY KITTY!" 'Kitty' is my nickname for Finnick and I guess I'm ok with that. He runs over and pulls me into a massive bear hug. "Hey...Finn" I say, trying to break free. "Woah, Kitty, you in a rush?" Finn asks me with a smirk. I just laugh it off and walk outside, suddenly slamming into someone. That someone has curly blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. He helps me up and starts babbling apologies. "I'm so sorry...uh...sorry" he says with a blush appearing on his face. "It's ok, don't worry about it. I'm not really coordinated" I say. He looks down at the sidewalk, still blushing. He's quiet for a moment until he says, "I...uh...sorry about slamming into you" he looks up and meets my eyes. His eyes are mesmerizing. "You look like someone I went to college with. Did you go to NYU?", he asks as he looks at me closely. "Yes, why?" I carefully answer so I don't make anything awkward. A look of intense focus comes across his face. Then he suddenly snaps his fingers. "Katniss? Katniss Everdeen?" I'm shocked to see that he knows my name. Then it hits me. I'm standing in front of Peeta Mellark. "Oh my God! Peeta!" I squeal as I hug him. He was in my cooking class in college, he was a genius when it came to cooking. "You look different from when we were in college" he laughs as he wraps his arms around me. "You still burning food?" He asks. "Oh wow, you haven't changed at all since college" I sarcastically say while my words are being muffled my his shirt. Peeta lets out a small laugh. He releases me from a bone-crushing hug and I stare at him for some weird reason. "Wow" he sighs. He looks at me up and down and I, for some reason, panic. "Wow what?" I ask, hoping its a good thing. "You're just...really...pretty" he says while looking into my eyes. I can't help but blush. I'm so red I can feel my cheeks heating up. "Uhh...thanks" I shakily say. He looks panicked, but it looks cute on him. "God, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you" he starts but I quickly cut him off. "It's ok, you didn't scare me. It was really sweet of you" He looks slightly relieved. I pull him into the Starbucks and beckon him to a nearby table. "KITTY" Finnick screams as he walks out from the counter. I smile and wave at Finn. I call him Finn and he calls me Kitty. "Well Kitty, who do we have here?" Finn asks as he nods to Peeta. "This is Peeta. Remember from college?" I say. Finnick and Peeta exchange a few looks and Finn smiles and walks back to the counter. I chuckle at the fact that Finn is acting like my big brother, him looking at Peeta, warning him. "What's so funny?" Peeta asks with a look of pure confusion on his face. "I find it funny that he's acting like my big brother" I explain. Peeta laughs it off and we head out. "Do you...want to go...out sometime?" Peeta asks while waiting to see my reaction. This catches me by surprise...big time and I don't wanna say no but I don't know if I should say yes. I'm just gonna go with my guy on this. "Yea, sure. I'd love to go out sometime" I reply feeling a bit overwhelmed. He looks relieved at my answer and I think he might like me. He smiles before he says "great, how about tonight at 8, meet me right here" he says pointing to the ground. I don't know whether to fell great that I'm finally going out with someone or nervous that it's someone hit like Peeta. "Great! I'll see you tonight" I reply with a feel of giddiness. What's going on? I never feel like this. I'm not used to feeling like this. There's butterflies in my stomach and my heart is pounding. Is this what it feels like to really like someone? Maybe it is, I don't even know what's going the ought my mind right now. All I know is that I have to tell Jo, I call Johanna 'Jo' for short.

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