I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


4. Strong Arms


When I wake up, I'm aware of 2 things: I'm wrapped in Peeta's strong arms and that last night was the best night of my life. He stirs and wakes up. He sees that I'm already awake. "Morning, gorgeous" he whispers. I blush and kiss him lightly. "Hey sexy" I whisper back. He smiles and wraps his arms tighter around me. "Do you regret last night?" Peeta asks. I snuggle closer to him. "Not at all, babe" I reply. He smiles and says "me neither". I untangle myself from his arms and roll on top of him. I look into his baby blue eyes and kiss him. After our 'make out session' I stand up and go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and hair and walk out if the bathroom and see Peeta waiting for me outside the bathroom shirtless. It takes all my strength not to stare at his toned abs and smooth skin. Apparently, Peeta notices me staring. "Having fun, there?" He says. My face flushes and he chuckles. I give in and start laughing. We both get fully dressed. I put on some light blue jeans, a white tank top with a beige bra, white converse. I let my hair flow down my back in waves. Peeta gets dressed in the same clothes he had on last night. We both go into the kitchen, only to find Johanna standing there with her arms crossed, smirking. "Have fun last night, lovebirds?" She chirps. Both Peeta and I start blushing uncontrollably. Johanna just laughs. I look over at the clock and see that it's 11:24 a.m. Johanna is done laughing by now and has moved to the living room. "So, do you wanna go get breakfast?" I ask him. Peeta nods and I go and get my bag containing my wallet, phone, and keys. We head out and go to IHOP, since it's pretty close and I'm too lazy to think of anything else. "I'm paying" Peeta says. "No no no, you paid last night" I reply. Peeta sighs and silently accepts his defeat. I smile and we walk to IHOP. The minute we walk in, we're greeted by the aroma of bacon. A waitress who looks to be in her early 20's comes up. She stares at Peeta for a second before taking us to our table. Peeta notices too, and he looks really uncomfortable. The waitress takes us to our table and gives us a fake smile. "What would you like to start off with?" She says. "Let's start off with just a coffee" Peeta says. The waitress smiles at him and looks over to me and he smile falls slightly. She walks away and Peeta turns to me. "Are you ok? You look a bit...thrown off" he asks. I just nod and look out the window, trying to distract myself. He scoots closer and grabs my hands. "Katniss? What's wrong?" He asks. I look him in the eye and sigh. "Did you see how she was looking at you? She was staring at you like you were a piece of meat." I say. Peeta thinks about this for a second before realizing what Katniss means. Before Peeta can say anything, the waitress comes back and gives us the coffee. When Peeta goes to pick up his mug, the waitress slips him a piece of paper, then walks away. Peeta reads over the slip and his face goes blank. I look at with with concern in my eyes. He notices and hands me the paper. It says:

Hey hot stuff. Meet me in the parking lot. My number is 555-0129.

I'm furious, how dare she just give him her number and tell him to meet her in the parking lot right in front of his girlfriend! I look over to Peeta and his face is still blank. "Peeta, are you ok?" I ask, with concern laced in my voice. He nods numbly and blinks a few times before actually answering. "Yeah...its just that I'm really sshocked." He says. To be honest, I wanna leave. Peeta looks at me and notices my facial reaction and senses that I want to leave. "Do you want to just pay and leave?" He asks. I simply nod and we get up to go pay. Once we pay we start walking down to street. I'm being really quiet, maybe too quiet for comfort. Peeta sees that I'm uncomfortable and asks me: "what's wrong babe?" I look down and shake my head. He tilts my chin upward so I'm looking at him. "Something's wrong. Is it what happened at IHOP?" He asks me. I nod and let stray tears roll down my cheek. He quickly wipes my tears and kisses me. "I don't care about her, she means nothing to me. You're the only one I want. You shouldn't worry about it." He tries to soothe me, and eventually, it works. He envelopes me in a comforting hug and reassures me that I'm the only one for him. Once again, I'm in his strong arms, where I belong.

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