I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


10. Settling In


After we saw 22 Jump Street, we went back to our place and just relaxed. We sat on the couch and we noticed that an X-Men movie marathon is on. Me, being a huge fan of X-Men, I'm derping out. Peeta just chuckles at me fangirling. "What?" I ask him with a smirk. He laughs and shakes his head. "You're just so cute when you're fangirling." He replies. I smile and turn back to the screen. We continue to watch each and every one of the X-Men movies until we've seen them all. I get up to go to the bathroom and I guess Peeta goes into the kitchen. I do my business, flush, wash hands and walk out to see that Peeta is, on fact, in the kitchen. "Hey baby, whatcha doin" I ask. Peeta turns around. "Oh nothing, just making cheese buns." He replies. My eyes widen and he laughs. He knows I love his cheese buns. "Really?" I ask. He nods and continues mixing stuff. My phone rings and I see that it's my mom. I answer. "Hey mom" I say. "Hey sweetie, I heard the great news about you and Peeta's engagement, congrats!" She says. I smile. "Thanks mom, so what's up?" I reply. She's quiet for a second. "Hon, we all miss you, and we wanna see Peeta. Finn, Ann, and Jo, too. We miss you all. Could you by any chance fly to Kentucky for a while? We really need to see you 5" she says. I'm shocked and kind of excited. My mom wants me, Peeta, Jo, Finn and Ann to go out to Kentucky. I do miss my family. "I'll ask them and call you back, love you mom, bye" I reply. "Alright sweetie, love you, too. Bye" I hang up and turn to Peeta. "So what'd your mom say?" He asks. I sigh a little. "She said she misses us and that she wants to see you, and asked if me, you, Jo, Finn and Ann could fly out to Kentucky for a while." I say. Peeta thinks for a moment. "I think it's a great idea, I mean, it'd be fun to hang out with your family" he says. I smile and call Finn. He picks up after 3 rings. "Odair residence, Finn speaking" he says in his "authoritative" voice. I chuckle. "Hey Finn, my mom called and asked if you, Annie, Jo, Peeta, and I would like to go to Kentucky for a while, she misses us." I say. "Hold on, I'll ask Ann." He replies. I faintly hear Finn scream 'Annie' in the background. Finn tell Ann everything I told him. It's quiet on the other line for a moment. "Ann and I are on board with this" he says. I smile. "Great, bye Finn, bye Ann" I say and hang up. I turn to Peeta. "Now Jo" I say as I dial Johanna. She immediately picks up. "Brainless, what's up?" She says. I roll my eyes at my nickname. "My mom called and asked if you, Finn, Ann, Peeta, and I would like to go to Kentucky for a while, she misses us." I explain. Silence. "I'm all for it, count me in" she replies. "Great, bye Jo." I say. "Later, Brainless" she says. I hang up and turn to Peeta. He matches my cheesy smile as I jump into his arms. I get to see my family. "Oh shit, I promised I'd call my mom and tell her if we're coming!" I say. Peeta laughs and sets me down. I grab my phone and call my mom. "Hey baby girl" she says. I smile at my childhood nickname. "Hi mom, okay, I called everyone and told them, and they all said they wanna come. All I need to know is when we should be there." I say. I hear her squeal on the other line. I laugh a little. "That's great, I'd say you could come in a week or 2" she says. "Alright, bye mom. Love you" I say. "Bye hon" she says and I hang up. "Babe, it looks like in a week or 2, we're going to Kentucky." I tell Peeta. He smirks and nods. I sit on the couch, leaning on him. I eventually drift off.

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