I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


20. Preparation


After the bachelorette party, I decided to go back to the hotel we're staying at. Jo, Ann, and the rest of the girls came back a few hours later. Today is my wedding day. Peeta and I are getting married! Oh my god. I hear a knock on the door and my mom pops her head in. "Morning hon, breakfast is ready." She says. I nod and put my robe on. I make my way to the kitchen and see eggs, bacon, and toast on my plate. "Nice non-fat breakfast, mom" I joke. She laughs. "Well, it's either that it the Nutrigrain bars Johanna suggested. Ugh. I hate Nutrigrain bars. Mom must've noticed my disgusted face because she starts cackling.

After breakfast, Johanna and Annie come in to "update" me, as they call it, on the boys. "Alright, brainless, Finn tells me that Loverboy drank 3 beers and some shots and left." Jo says. I nod. "Finn's personal comments were: 'I can't believe we weren't allowed any strippers, I mean, we're dudes, we have needs'." Jo says. Annie shakes her head, smirking. "They have needs. Psshhh. More like they were just a bunch if horndogs." Ann says. All of us break out laughing.

I glance over at the clock and see that it's 11 am. "Um what time is preparation?" I ask. Jo looks at the time and gasps. "Dammit Brainless! Get in the bathroom, NOW!" She yells. I run to the bathroom with Jo, Ann, and my mom on my heels. "Alright, first things first, you need a bath." Ann says. My mom runs a bath and puts all these bath salts and rise petals in there. I take my robe and PJ's off and I slip into the tub. I don't mind Jo and Ann looking at me 'cause we're practically sisters, and my mom has seen me naked countless times before. "Ok, Kat, after the bath, we're gonna wash your hair separately, we have a cream especially for you hair." Annie says. I nod and close my eyes and let myself soak in the tub.

When I open my eyes again, I see Annie and Johanna standing over me with towels. "Come on Brainless, let's get your hair done." Jo says. I nod and grab the towels. I carefully step out of the tub so I don't bust my head and die on this bathroom floor. Ann hands me a silk robe and leads me to the mirror. Johanna leaves the bathroom for a few minutes to get the hair stuff, I assume. "Ok, Kat, we're gonna put a cream in your hair that's gonna make it smooth and silky." Annie says. I nod as Jo comes back with a shit-load of products. This should be fun.


I wake up and see Finnick sprawled out on the couch and my brothers on the kitchen counter. What the fuck. The rest of the guys are passed out on the floor. See, that's what happens when you go all out on drinking. I walk over to Finnick and shake him. Nothing. I shake him harder. Nothing. This time, I slap him and he shoots up. I laugh but quickly cover it up before he notices. He looks around, looking confused as hell. He sees me and glares at me, which makes me burst out laughing. "Bro, what happened last night?" He asks. "Man, you guys got wasted and passed out." I say, trying not to laugh. Finn is trying to remember what went down last night. "If we got wasted, how are you okay right now?" He asks. I chuckle a little. "I drank 3 beers and a few shots, as for the rest of you, you guys went ape shit and drank 'til you couldn't stand." I say. Finn nods and suddenly snaps his fingers. "Bro! What time is it?" He whisper-shouts. I look over at the clock and see that it's 11 am. "It's 11, why?" I say. Finn looks at me like I'm stupid, but then realization hits me. I'm getting married today! "Man, you gotta get ready!" Finnick says. "Wait, the wedding is in the evening, why the hell am I getting ready now?" I say. Finn face-palms. Well then. "Bro, I get that the wedding is in the evening, but that doesn't mean we wait to the last minute." He says. I sigh. "But guys don't need a lot of prepping. Isn't it like just shower, gel the hair, slap on the tux and shoes and done?" I say. Finn is thinking this over, and I have a feeling I'll win in this conversation. "Fine, fuck it, but your prepping starts at 12, no exceptions!" He says. I nod and head to the kitchen, where my 2 brother still lay on the kitchen counter, passed out. I might as well have some fun. I go over to Ryan, who's right next to the sink. I grab the little hose thing that's next to the faucet and spray him. He shoots right up yelling a variety of swears. I'm laughing my ass off and Ryan just gives me a death glare. I just shrug it off and walk over to Graham. I slap him awake and he falls off the counter. "Ah shit." I mutter under my breath. I tap on Graham and he shoots up, he punches my leg and I'm just laughing 'cause he's not the strongest person when he's hungover. My laughter dies down and I make myself a sandwich. Finn, Ryan, and Graham see my sandwich and they look at me like "what the fuck". I laugh and continue eating my sandwich.


Johanna and Annie finish putting the cream in my hair and let me tell you, my hair has never looked this silky before. "Okay, Brainless, time for you face." Jo says. Great, they're gonna do stuff to my face! Note the sarcasm. Annie leaves this time and comes back with this big ass container full of facial products. Oh lord help me. Ann takes out this cream and smears it on my face. What the hell. "Ann, honey, what the fuck are you putting on my face?" I say as calm as I can. She chuckles a little. "Kat, this is so your face has that special 'glow' and that you won't get an oily t-zone" she explains. Okay, I hate having an oily t-zone.

After Annie rinses off the cream, she starts plucking my eyebrows. That hurts like a motherfucker. "Ow! Ann, you're ripping my face off, can you like, numb my face with ice or something?" I say. She laughs and shakes her head. "Sorry Kat, can't do that." She says. I let out a little whine that makes Johanna chuckle. Once the plucking is done, I thank The Lord. God, I hate the plucking. "Alright Kat, let's get your makeup done." Jo says. I nod and let them do their magic.


"PEETA! Come on man, you gotta get ready!" I hear Finnick screaming and I trudge my way to where he is. "What the hell, man." I mumble. He sighs and points at the clock. It's 12:45, oh shit. My eyes widen and Finn pushes me into the bathroom. "Take a shower, you smell horrible" he says with a mock-disgusted face. I roll my eyes and get in. I hate how the shower temperatures are so fucked. I mean, when it's too hot and you turn it 1/10 of an inch in the other direction, it turns into arctic waters and vice versa. I grab my Old Spice and scrub the beer and tequila smell off.

Once I'm done, I put on the robe that the hotel provides and call Finn. He walks in a few minutes later and tells me to wash my face with this cream. "Trust me, just go wash your face." He says. I'm a bit skeptical but whatever. I head to the bathroom and scrub my face with this cream. Rinsing it off, I notice that my face isn't so oily and that it's kinda glowing. Damn.

Finn walks in with my tux, tie, and shoes. He lays them on the bed and walks out. I grab the tux and put it on, along with the shoes. After 3 tries, I get the tie on. I step out and see almost all the guys ready to go. Finnick walks over and hands me hair gel. "Smear it in there." He says. I nod and walk to the nearest mirror. I smear the hair gel in my hair and walk to the door. I notice that it's already 4. Good god! Do I really take that long getting ready? I wonder what Kat has to go through.


Johanna and Annie did a phenomenal job on my makeup. It's like a natural smokey eye an I love it. I glance at the clock and see that it's 3:45. Jesus! I'm like the time-consuming queen. "Brainless! The dress! Come put it on!" Johanna screams. I run into the closet and see that Ann is unzipping the bag that the dress was in. Jo and Ann both help me into the dress. Ann zips me up and I look at myself in the big mirror. I gasp a little. I look...amazing. I hear gasps and I turn around and see that my parents are standing behind me, both crying. "Oh mom, daddy." I say, running towards them. They engulf me in a bone-crushing hug. "My princess is all grown-up." My dad says. They pull back and I wipe my mom's tears. "Oh Katniss, you look beautiful." She manages to say. I feel a tap on my shoulder and see that Jo is holding up the heels. I slip into them and walk into the main room and see that my bridesmaids, including Jo and Ann, Johanna being my maid of honor, all dressed up. "Ready?" Mom asks. I smile and nod. I can't believe I'm getting married.

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