I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


6. Pre-Dinner Jitters


2 years later

Peeta and I have been inseparable for almost 2 years now. He's such a gentleman. I mean, for my 21st birthday, he took me on a cruise to the Caribbean. I don't know how I deserve him. He's coming over for dinner today. But this isn't a date with just the 2 of us, no, Johanna, Finn and Annie, and Johanna's surprise date is coming, too. We're meeting up at Olive Garden and I believe we're going in pairs, Peeta and I in one car, Johanna and her date in another, and Finn and Annie in another. I look over at the clock and see that it's 6:46. We have to be there by 8. Since Olive Garden is so close, I might as well start getting ready around 7. I walk into Johanna's room and see her dead asleep. I roll my eyes and jump on her bed. "JO! WAKE THE FUCK UP! WE HAVE A DATE!" I scream. She rolls out of bed onto the floor. She sits up, looks around, spots her alarm clock and screams back: "Brainless! What the hell! We have time to get ready and do random shit before 8!" I laugh and roll my eyes. She grumbles something about getting her beauty sleep. "I know it's early but we're girls and girls take a lot of time to get ready for stuff like this. Besides, you need to tell me about your surprise date" I say. Johanna just rolls her eyes and walks into the kitchen, probably raiding the fridge. I go into my room and pick out the clothes I'm gonna wear for tonight. I choose a really cute strapless hi-lo dress along with my peep-toe pumps. My dress is a simple navy blue with a brown belt and my heels are just navy blue. I glance over at the clock and see that it's 6:52. I might as well start getting ready.


I'm so nervous. Tonight, the whole group is eating dinner at Olive Garden. Whole group meaning Finn, Annie, Johanna, her surprise date, and Katniss and I. Last week, Finn and I went to Jared jeweler sand looked at engagement rings for our special ladies. Finn and I have been planning to propose to our girlfriends for a while now, and I was hoping to propose after dinner tonight. I don't know when Finn is proposing but tonight is me and Katniss' night. I'm pacing around my room, thinking if what I'm gonna say to Katniss before I propose. Should I start off with how much I love her or how much she means to me? Ugh. With all the fretting about proposing, I haven't payed attention to the time. I look over to the clock and see that it's 6:52. I don't have a lot of time to get ready. I run to the closet and pick out my white v-neck, my blazer, and my dark jeans. I know that Katniss is a sucker for v-necks. I run into the bathroom and take a shower. I get dressed and leave my hair curly, just how Katniss likes it. I know she likes Old Spice, so I spray some of the on. I have time to spare so I think of what I'm gonna say before I make Katniss my fiancée.

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