I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


11. Post-Move Party


After I wake up from my nap, I see Johanna poking my face, trying to wake me up. "Wake up, Brainless!" She almost yells. I groan and smack her hand away from my face. "What do you want, Jo?" I say. She laughs. "Brainless, it's time you have a party, like a 'post-move' party" she says. I shake my head at the thought of it. She just nods, not accepting a 'no' for and answer. I have no oter choice but to go along with her 'party' plan. I see that Peeta isn't here. Johanna notices my worried expression. "Loverboy went to get party food" she explains. I relax a little and go get ready. I put on a casual/formal-ish dress, my low heals, since I don't wanna fall on my face tonight, and I curl my hair a little. I spray on my perfume and walk our. I see that Peeta is already here, Johanna must have left to get ready because she's all dressed up, and that Peeta's brothers, Ryan and Graham are already here. "Hot damn!" They say in sync. I laugh and pull them in for a hug. When I let go, they're still holding on. I try tapping on their backs for them to let go. After a few seconds, Peeta finally gets them off. Ryan and Graham both have cheesy grins on their faces. I point my finger at them, trying to be intimidating, but that's a fail. I chuckle a little. "KAT!" I hear Johanna scream. She runs over to me. "You look amazing, all 3 of the Loverboys are staring!" She gushes. I laugh and hug her. She grabs my left hand and stares at the ring. "It's huge! And shiny!" She says. I chuckle. Peeta then comes up behind me and wraps his arms around me. I turn around and stand on my toes and kiss him. "You know, We haven't had our own little welcome party" Peeta whispers in my ear. I give him a devilish smile. He returns that smile and kisses me. Our little 'moment' is short-lived when Ryan and Graham pop up behind us and scream: "Let's get this party started, bitches!" Johanna runs up and high-fives them. Peeta and I both laugh and order pizza. We decide on getting pepperoni, meat lovers, and Hawaiian. After about 10 minutes or so, our pizza finally comes. I pay the dude and set the pizza on the counter. I realize that we have no drinks. I walk over to Peeta, dodging a few people. "Hey babe, I'm gonna run to Walmart and grab a few drinks, any requests?" I ask. He thinks for a moment, then puts on his 'little kid' face. "Could you bring just a few beers and soda, pleeeeaaaaasse?" He begs. I smile and ruffle his hair and kiss him before I'm off to Walmart. On my way out the door, he calls my name. I turn around and see that he's behind me, with a big cheeky grin. "I loooovvveee you baby!" He says. "I loooove you, too" I say. With that, I kiss him and walk out the door. On my way to Walmart, my phone rings. It's Peeta. "Hey babe, what's up?" I say. A few seconds pass until he answers. "Hi baby, listen, can you bring some chips and dip, too?" He asks. I smile and laugh. "Of course, baby" I reply. Even though I can't see him, I know he's smiling right now. God, he's so cute. "Thanks babe, love you!" He says. "I love you, too" I reply and hang up. I pull into Walmart and walk in. I grab a cart and walk straight to the chips and dips. I decide to get the original Tostitos chips, the ones with lime, and Doritos. I get mild chunky salsa and the cheese dip. I go to the drink section and get Bud Light, Coke, and Sprite. While I'm here, I might as well get a few things for myself. I head over to the Cosmetics and Beauty section, and search for those gel masks I've been looking for. I hear those gel masks are great and reduce puffiness around your eyes. After 5 minutes or so of looking, I finally find it. It's only $9.99. I want it, and it's pretty. The gel-things are green/blue. I don't care, I want it. I go ahead and put it in the cart and head for the checkout. I grab a Twix just 'cuz. I pay for everything and head home. I walk in and set everything down. I pull out the beers and put them in the cooler, place the sodas in the fridge. I lay out the bag of chips and dip. After all of that has been taken care of, i go ahead and grab some chips. Arms encircle me and I automatically know who it is. I turn around and see the stunning blue eyes if my fiancée. "Hi baby" I say, kissing his nose. He chuckles and kisses me on the lips. "Hey babe, thanks again for getting the food" he says. I smile and say: "No problem, baby". He takes me to the living room, where everyone else is. He sits down and pulls me into his lap. "So, I say we play 'never have I ever'. Rules are that someone says something they've never done, and those who've done it, take a drink" Johanna says. She runs into the kitchen and grabs the entire box of beers. "Brainless?" Johanna says. I look up and see that she's standing in front of me. "Yea?" I reply. "Have you had a beer...like ever in your life?" She asks. I shake my head, saying 'no'. Johanna gasps, putting her hand over her heart. "BRAINLESS! I'm disappointed!" She screams. I laugh at her outburst. Jo just stares at me, shaking her head. "No, I will not allow you to be 'beer-less' for the rest of your life" she starts. "I'll make sure you have a few beers tonight" she says. I just shake my head in response. "Alright, let's start the game. I have never...done it in a bathroom." Johanna starts. 3 people take a drink. Johanna looks at me as if telling me it was my turn. I guess it is. "I have never...skinny dipped" I admit. Johanna, along with others take a drink. An hour goes by and we're all drunk, including me.


Oh shit, Brainless is drink as fuck. Peeta has never seen her drunk. He's shocked beyond repair. "Hey, Loverboy! Get the camera, I'm gonna record Brainless." I say. Peeta's kind of drunk, but not as drunk as Brainless. There's levels of Drunk. There's 'the pussy stage', the 'you're fine' stage, known as the stage Loverboy is at. There's the 'Haymitch Drunk'. Haymitch, dad, can be sober one minute and Hammered the next. Then there's 'the Brainless' stage. Peeta comes back with the camera. I record Brainless and her drunk-ness. This child is hilarious. Now I know what type of drunk she is. It's all fun and games until she passes out on the kitchen floor.


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