I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


16. Planning


We went home a few days later. The plane ride was boring, or at least boring according to me since I was asleep most of the time. When we got off the plane, Peeta noticed me grogginess and sleepiness, so he told me that I couldn't drive us home. If I don't drive, it'll take so much longer. So, I told Johanna that she could drive us. She happily agreed, while Peeta, Finn, and Ann all groaned. They know that Jo and I drive equally as wreckless. Halfway to the lot, I called 'shotgun' and high-fived Jo. I sprinted to the passenger seat and got in. Everyone else piled in shortly after. When Jo turned the car on, I plugged my phone in and got onto Pandora radio. I blast 'P!nk' radio throughout the car. Jo, Ann, and I sang along to almost every song until we got to Peeta and I's place. We lugged our suitcases to our floor and went inside our apartment. We hung out for a while and about half an hour later, Jo, Finn, and Ann went home. "So," Peeta starts. "Where should our wedding be?" He asks. Peeta and I want our wedding to be in the summer or early fall. "Well, we want the wedding in summer or fall. It's gonna be all nice and breezy in the fall, and warm in the summer. I was thinking we could have our wedding in Central Park, like in the evening." I say. Peeta thinks for a moment, then a grin spreads across his face. "I love it. We can have it in the fall, and have the breeze blowing and it'd be amazing" he says. I smile and lean in to kiss him. "I love you" I whisper. "I love you more" he says. "Forever?" I reply. "Always." He whispers. I smile and snuggle into him. I drift off after a while.


She looks so adorable when she's sleeping. I adjust her so she's lying down and I stand up and head to the kitchen. I know Kat loves peach iced tea. I look in the fridge to see if we have any iced tea. I frown a little when I see that we have no tea. I might as well go out and buy a few things. I go to the 'drunk drawer' in the kitchen and pull out a pack if big sticky notes. I grab a random pen and write Kat a little note. I write:

"Went out to buy a few things, be back in a few minutes. Love you -Peeta"

I grab my phone and keys and kiss Kat's forehead before heading to Kroger. I know we usually go to Walmart, but I can only find Kat's favorite tea in the 'natural and organic' section in Kroger. Half way there, my phone rings. It's Kat. "Hey baby" I say. "Hi babe, so, while you're out there, could you pick up a things for me?" She says. I chuckle a little. "Sure babe, what do you need?" I reply. She lists the things she needs and I tell her 'no problem' and hang up. I pull into the parking lot and head to the 'natural and organic' part of Kroger. I immediately spot Kat's favorite tea. Sweet Leaf peach iced tea. That's it. I grab a few and put them in the cart. I head to the frozen section. Kat wanted some Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I reach the ice cream, and head to the little spot where Ben & Jerry's ice cream sits. I know for a fact that Kat loves Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavored ice cream. So, I get her 2 of each. Kat also wanted me to bring her a new car charger because hers is, and I quote: 'being a bitch'. I walk down to the aisle with charger cables and other electronics. I see the car chargers and pick the one that has more uses. From what I see, I'm done here and I walk to the checkout and pay for everything. As soon as I pay, I walk to my car and open the door to the back seat. I place all the bags down on the seats and get into the drivers seat. I get home faster than I thought. I grab the bags and head up to the apartment. I open the door and see Kat on her laptop. "Hey Kat" I say. She looks up and smiles at me. She comes and helps me with the bags, not before she kisses me. "Hey baby" she says. I give her a cheesy grin that always makes her laugh. She puts the bags in the kitchen. She comes back and sits on the couch, resuming what she was doing on her laptop. "Whatcha doin' baby?" I asked. She looks at me and smiles. "I was thinking, after we get married, we're probably gonna have kids, right?" She starts. I smile at the thought if having a mini-me or a mini-Kat running around. I nod. "Well, we're gonna need space for when we do have kids, they can run around. I was looking for houses and I found a few. I think we could move out of New York, can't really raise a kid in the city." She says. I think it's a great idea. New York is dangerous when it comes to kids. What happens when they're older and can start opening doors. They could run into the streets. "I totally agree, what do you have in mind?" I reply. She scoots closer and moves the laptop so I can see. Wow. She has this planned out pretty well. She's got 'zillow.com' pulled up, a word document with all the information she got. She's even got Wells Fargo pulled up. Wow. "These houses are the ones I liked and that are in our budget. I checked our bank account in Wells Fargo and saw how much money we have, which is a lot. I also made a word document here and jotted down the info on the available houses." She says. "Wow, babe. You got this planned out already. I'm impressed. Where are these houses exactly?" I ask. She clicks a few things and shows me the few houses she liked. I notice that 2 are in New York. "Ok, so these 2 are in New York but not in the crowded parts. This one-" she points to a nice house in California. "-is in LA and it's spacious, it's in the city, but won't be hazardous in the near future." She says. "This one is in Miami. Right next to the beach, close to everything." She says pointing to a beach house. "The last one is in Seattle. It's a townhouse and there's a nice view." She points to the townhouse. The ones in New York aren't really appealing to me, so those are sort of out. It rains a lot in Seattle and you could get sick. The ones I like are in LA and Miami. "I like the houses in LA and Miami. The 2 in New York aren't so appealing and it's possible you could get sick with all the rain in Seattle." I say. She smiles and nods. "I was sort of thinking the same thing" she replies. "So, we've narrowed it down to LA and Miami. I have comparisons of the 2 houses" she says while pulling up the word document. "LA's climate is amazing all year, same as Miami. In LA there's a lot of great jobs, such as acting, musical arts, etc. The house in Miami has a beach for a backyard, very close to shopping centers. The house in LA has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. The kitchen is amazing and the house is spacious. The house in Miami has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Bamboo wood floors, and a sun room." She says. I'm staring at both houses. I like the house in LA a bit better. "I love the house in LA, we could buy that one." I say. He nods, agreeing. "I love this one, too. Settle this tomorrow?" She replies. I nod and take her to our bedroom. She instantly falls asleep. I follow soon after.

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