I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


9. Moving Day


Today is the day when Katniss moves in with me. I'm beyond ecstatic. My fiancée, the love of my life is moving in with me. I can just imagine waking up with her in my arms. The sound of my phone ringing snaps me out of my thoughts. It's Katniss. "Hey babe" she says. I love it when she calls me 'babe'. "Hi baby what's up?" I reply. "Nothin, just got done packing and I was wondering if you could help me move boxes." She says. I smile. "You don't even have to ask, baby. I'll be right over" I say. I grab my keys, wallet, and phone and head to her place. When I get there, the door is open. I walk inside and see that Katniss is packing boxes like it's her job. "Damn, Kat, you work fast." I say in awe. Majority of her stuff is already packed. I swear if the roles were reversed, it'd take me 5 times as long. "Well, babe, when you're a major neat freak and have OCD, it pays off when packing." She replies. I chuckle at her comment. She smiles back at me with a cheesy grin. "Do you need any help taking these to m-our place?" I ask pointing to a pile of boxes near the door. She nods and I get to work. Then I start to think that with just me and her, it's gonna take a while. I decide to call my brothers. "Hey Peet! Bro what's up?" One of my older brothers, Ryan, says. "Hey Ryan, look my fiancée is moving in with me today and I need your help moving boxes to my place." I say. After a few seconds, Ryan finally replies. "Of course, bro. I'll meet you where, exactly?" He asks. I give him the address and hang up. A couple minutes later he shows up with My other older brother, Graham. "Heyyyyy Peet! The masters of everything have arrived." Graham says. I crack a smile and shame my head. "Ok guys, Kat is in there packing like crazy, there are a few boxes that are ready to be taken to my place." I say and they nod and grab boxes. After half an hour, we got finished taking all her boxes to our apartment. It takes almost 2 hours to unpack completely. Damn Katniss works fast. Ryan and Graham just stand there in awe at the fact that Katniss is already settled in, in almost 2 hours. I smile and chuckle at their reactions. "Thanks you guys, for helping out." Katniss says to the three of us. Ryan and Graham smile and hug her. After the 'group hug' I sit on the couch and pat my lap so Katniss can sit on my lap. Once she does, I hold her tight against me. "So babe, what do you wanna do?" I ask. She makes a 'hmm' sound and shrugs. I chuckle a little. "How about we go see a movie" I suggest and she nods. "What movie?" She asks. I've always wanted to take her to go see '22 Jump Street'. "How about '22 Jump Street'?" I ask. "I've been meaning to go see it, hell yea!" She almost screams. I laugh at her sudden outburst. We get up and Katniss grabs all her essentials, meaning phone, keys, wallet, etc. We head to the movies and get our shit and get the seats all the way in the back. We start making mental notes for the movies to watch in the future. The lights start to dim and the movie starts.

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