I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


8. Inseparable


It's been a week since Peeta proposed. That night was amazing. I was bawling my eyes out, as were the rest of the girls in the restaurant. When he slipped the ring on my finger, I swear I was the happiest girl in the world. It was every girls' dream to get married, and my dream was coming true. Ever since he proposed, we've been inseparable; we did everything together. Just last night, Peeta and I were talking about me moving in with him, or possibly buying a house. Speaking of being inseparable with Peeta, we made plans to spend the day around New York. We leave at 3 and right now it's almost 2. I still have a little over an hour to get ready for a day with my fiancée. I head to my closet and pull out my possible options for our day. I end up with the options if putting on skinny jeans and a tank top, one of my casual dresses, or my shorts and a crop top. I end up wearing my skinny jeans and tank top, I pull on some gray vans. I put my hair in my signature braid and grab a light sweater, you never know what the weather might be like in New York. It could be sort of hot one minute and freezing the next. I check the clock and see that it's 2:30. 30 minutes to kill. Might as well put on a little makeup. After a few minutes, I have a little bit of eye liner, some mascara and lip gloss. I walk into the living room, where Johanna is sprawled out on the couch sleeping with her phone on her face. I laugh and take a few pics. My phone starts ringing. It's Peeta. I answer. "Hey baby" I say and I know I can't see him, but I know Peeta is smiling right now. "Hey babe, you ready?" He asks, I smile and head to my room. "Yea" I reply and hang up. I grab my purse, along with my phone, keys, wallet, other necessities. When I hear someone knock on the door, I run to get it. When I open it, I see my baby. "Hey babe!" I squeal and Peeta just chuckles and picks me up. It's not really a struggle to pick me up, I mean, for a 21 year old, I'm pretty light. Peeta spins me around and then puts me down. He looks over to Johanna, who is still asleep, and he laughs. "Ready to go?" He asks. I smile and nod. We head down to the lobby of my apartment building, and we walk to Peeta's car and we start down the street. We link our hands together and and I lean my head on his arm. The drive doesn't take long. Peeta says he wanted to take me somewhere first. When we get there, I immediately remember this place. It's where we had our first date. We're at Olive Garden. "I figured you might want to eat something before we spend the day around New York" he says. I smile and get out of the car. We link our hands and walk in. "Reservation for Mellark" Peeta says. The host nods and takes us to our table. "What would you like to start off with?" The waitress asks. "I'll just have Sprite" I say. The waitress smiles and looks over to Peeta. "I'll have Coke". Our waitress writes down our order and walk away. After a minute or two, she comes back with our drinks. "Are you two ready to order?" She asks. Peeta and I both nod and tell her our orders. She writes them down, smiles and walks off. "So, do we have any ideas as to when you wanna move in?" Peeta starts. I smile at the thought of waking up in Peeta's arms every morning. "Kat?" Peeta says, snapping me to my senses. "Sorry, what?" I reply. Peeta chuckles and repeats what he said earlier. "Well," I start. "I think we should wait a few more days, with planning and all. Plus, I need to buy boxes and bubble wrap." I say. Peeta nods answer continue out 'moving day' conversation. A few minutes later, our food is served and we dig in. After eating our meal, we pay and head out. Instead of taking the car, we just walk around New York. We decided to head to Time Square for a while. Once arriving, we are immediately stuck in a crowd, typical New York. We head into a Barnes and Noble, since it's sort of warm, and I'm a major bookworm. Peeta notices my excitement and chuckles. I look over to him. "What's so funny?" I ask him. He has a really cheesy grin on his face before answering. "It's so adorable how excited you get when you're in a book store, almost like a kid in a candy shop" he replies. I smile and laugh at the realization. As we 'explore' Barnes and Noble I get the ever so 'brilliant' idea to mildly scare Peeta. I see him in the cook book area, and me, being so agile and lethal, I take really quiet steps toward him, not making a sound. When I'm at least 2 feet away, I jump on his back. Since I'm really light, this doesn't phase him that much. He's frightened a little and he lets out a tiny scream. Once he notices it's me 'attacking' him, he relaxes and spins me and holds me while I'm facing him. "You could have given me a heart attack" he says, pretending to be hurt. "But I got you, didn't I?" I ask. He nods and I smile a big cheesy grin. "I loooove you baby!" I say, sounding like I'm 8. He just shakes his head and smiles at me. "I love you to, but I'll get you back for this." He replies. After our little 'Barnes and Noble attack session' was over we went back to my place. Peeta decided to spend the night. Once again, I fell asleep in his arms.

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