I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


23. Honeymoon



I'm woken up by light shaking. I open my eyes slightly and see Peeta trying to wake me up.

"Kat, get up, babe, the flight to Rio is at 12." Peeta says, his voice sounding like silk.

I simply groan and bury my head between the pillows, placing another pillow over my head. I hear Peeta simply chuckle and walk out of the room. Peace for my sleep. I am NOT a morning person, like if you try to wake me up by turning the lights on, I will already be planning 10 ways to kill you, just saying.


A few minutes later, I could hear Peeta's footsteps getting closer to the room. The door opens and I can faintly hear the shower running in the bathroom. What? Is the shower intended for me? Him? Possibly both?

The bed dips down and I assume Peeta is sitting by my feet. I suddenly feel his arms scoop me up and I immediately jolt awake. Okay, Peeta is carrying me to...the bathroom, I think.

"Peeta, why are you carrying me to the bathroom?" I ask, genuinely confused as to why, like is he going to make me take a shower? I can take showers on my own but I don't even know where he's going with this.

Then, my genius of a husband sets me down in front of the shower and pushes me in the ice cold water. oh...my...god! He is sooo lucky I love him to death.

"Peeta...what the hell?" I ask in a scary calm tone. I notice Peeta's eyes slightly widen and his laughter ceases. is he scared? Probably.

I jump out of the shower and chase him in my soaking wet pajama shorts and tank top. He runs straight out of the bathroom and into the living room. Ooh I'm gonna get him good for this.

He jumps over a random pillow on the floor and goes into the kitchen. I bet you he'll hide in the pantry.

I'm right, I see him run inside the pantry. Does he think I can't see him? Oh well, it'll scare him more.

I slowly walk to the pantry, avoiding things that might make a noise if I run into them. By now I'm in front of the pantry door and wait a few seconds until I swing the door open and I see Peeta squatting in the small corner. Aw, he looks like a little kid. He jumps a little when he sees me and hits his head on the wall behind him. I stifle a smile and help him up. By the time he's completely up, I smack him on the arm, he feigns being hurt and I roll my eyes at him.

"Did you like your morning wake up call/shower?" Peeta asks, jokingly. I smack him again a walk to the bathroom, getting ready to take a REAL shower. I hear Peeta's faint laughs from the kitchen.


After my shower, I get dressed in my black tank top and green cargo shorts, along with black ankle boots. I'd say I look a little badass. I braid my wet hair in my signature braid and see Peeta just coming out of the bathroom, hair dripping. He must've taken a shower. When did he go in there? Oh well.

I randomly check the clock and see that we have about an hour before our flight. Being the OCD queen, I double and triple check for our passports, ID's, plane tickets, and other necessities. Check, check, check, and check.


By the time Peeta and I are both set and ready, there's about 45 minutes left. I'd say we're at good timing. We grab our bags, phones, keys, etc. and head down to the lobby of the hotel. We check out and walk to the car, stuff our bags in the trunk and head to the airport. Rio here we come.


I called Johanna and told her to take my car when we get there, I'm not paying to keep my car here for 2 weeks, nope. So, by the time we got there, Johanna and Gale were waiting in the parking lot. Gale must've driven Johanna here and then Jo takes my car back to my place.

"Sup Brainless, Loverboy." says Johanna, smugly. I can only imagine what's going through this child's mind. Gale greets us and all 4of us head inside.

It takes us about 2 minutes to find our gate. Flight 074 to Rio is just about to board so Peeta and I say our goodbye's to Jo and Gale and I hand my car keys to Johanna.


Peeta and I quickly find our seats and sit down in the plush chairs.

"Kat, you excited?" Peeta asks, excitedly, looking like a little boy on Christmas. He's so adorable sometimes.

"Of course, not only is this my first time going to Rio, but I'm going to Rio with my hubby." I say, grabbing his hand.

A cheeky smile spreads on Peeta's face and his mood is always contagious so I crack a big smile.

"Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, Flight 074 to Rio is about to take off, please fasten your seatbelts, this might be a bumpy ride." that weird monotone voice in the intercom.

The first few minutes are, in fact, bumpy, but in the end it's pretty cool.

After a while, I end up falling asleep.


I jolt awake, looking around and see Peeta shaking my shoulder.

"We landed, we're here Kat, come on." says Peeta, motioning to everyone already getting up, grabbing their carry-ons and getting off the plane. I grab my purse and follow Peeta off the plane.

Peeta and I go through this big ass crowd of people and honestly, I'm getting a bit irritated at how slow people can be, like bruh.

At last, we get our bags and make our way to grab a taxi or something. Finally, we manage to get one and we tell the guy where to go and he happily agrees, seeing that Peeta and I are holding hands. Maybe he knows now that it's our honeymoon.

The dude stops in front of this nice beach house that's pretty much away from city life but not so far away that it feels as if we're on a different island.

We check into the "Honeymoon Suite" and let me say, BRUH! I've never in my life seen a room so big and awesome. This is like paradise, it's got beach view, one of those expensive mattresses and a badass bathroom. I'm not gonna wanna leave.

"So, lets just rest today and do fun stuff tomorrow, that flight got me jet-lagged." say Peeta, looking slightly sleepy. My poor baby. I nod and we both plop down on the bed and take a long nap.


I wake up with a start: I see a Peeta in my face. Um...creepy or nah.

"Stalker" I mumble, smiling slightly. Peeta grins and puts his lips on mine. I kiss back and it soon turns into a make out session. We both pulled back before it got too far, I mean, we have stuff planned today.

I get up and go to the bathroom and freshen up, as soon as I get out, Peeta goes in. I pull on my soft orange bikini and put my white sundress on and white sandals. Peeta comes out and grabs is green V-neck and black swim trunks Mmm, he looks hot.

I grab my purse and the room key and we walk to the beach, hand in hand.

-------------7 days later-----------------------------------

This honeymoon is the 3rd greatest thing ever to happen to me. The first was when Peeta and I got married, the 2nd was when Peeta proposed.

"Kat, let's have a lazy day today." says Peeta, coming into the kitchen.

"Okay, like order room service and watch TV all day?" I ask. He nods and I chuckle a little.


After we order room service, we watch a few movies and after we've seen the movies we've always wanted to see, we just sat there on the couch, cuddling. Cheesy, but I like being in this arms.



"I love you"

Aw. "I love you, too"

We stare into each other's eyes for a while. I stare into Peeta's gorgeous blue orbs he calls eyes. He leans in and plants a kiss on my lips. Before he pulls back, I put my hands in his wonderful blond curls. Our lips fit perfectly with each other. It soon gets heated and our kiss gets more frantic and somehow we und up in the bedroom. I frantically search for the hem of Peeta's shirt and we break apart momentarily so he can take his shirt off, I might as well do the same. I'm left with just my bra and shorts on. Our kiss resumes and after a while, Peeta's kisses trail down to my neck, then my stomach, and he slowly, tauntingly, he takes my shorts off, leaving me in underwear and my bra. I do the same, take his shorts off, leaving him in his boxers. Holy omg, my baby looks like a god.

We end up in the bed and things quickly escalate from there...



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