I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


13. Getting Ready for Kentucky


(1 week after party)

Peeta and I have been planning our wedding, piece by piece. We have a lot to think about. We've also been packing for Kentucky. I called Jo, Ann, and Finn and from what I hear, they're ready to go. So, that means that Peeta and I are the only ones not done packing. I glance over to the clock on the stove in the kitchen, it's 6:43. I walk over to the room and see Peeta asleep, his nap I assume, and I stand there for a second, silently laughing. He can be so adorable sometimes, especially when he's sleeping. I snap out of it and continue packing. By 7 pm, I'm already finished. Peeta is still asleep. I decide to walk over to his side and sit on the edge of the bed. He stirs a little but stays asleep. I lean down and plant a kiss on his lips. He's awake immediately. He's slightly shocked at first, but soon melts into the kiss. I pull back and smile. "I could get used to you waking me up like that" he says. I laugh and playfully slap his arm. "Babe, you have to finish packing" I say. He pouts, sticking his lower lip out like a toddler. I chuckle and peck his lips. "Come on, if you finish now, you'll have free time later." I say his eyes light up a little and he finishes packing. Soon enough, everyone's done. I call Jo, Finn, and Ann and tell then we're done packing. In a matter of minutes, Jo, Finn, and Ann coming knocking on my door. I open it and see Johanna, Finn and Annie with their suitcases. "Well, are gonna let us stand out here, or are you gonna let us in?" Jo says. I chuckle and roll my eyes. I step aside and open the door wider to let them in. The 3 put their suitcases in a corner and sit on the couch. "So Kat, I called Mark, and he said that he could take us to Kentucky and bring us back" Annie says. Mark is a friend if ours and he happens to co-own an airline. "That's great, 'cause I was getting ready to order 5 tickets to Kentucky." I admit. "Pshhhh hell no, Kitty. That's just gonna waste time." Finn says. I laugh, along with the rest of the group. "So, when do we leave?" I ask. "Well, Mark is gonna call and tell us if we're good to go" Finn replies. I smile and nod. I sit on Peeta's lap. "So Kat," Annie starts. "Got any ideas for the wedding?" She asks. I look at Peeta before answering. "We got bits and pieces" Finn, Jo, and Annie nod. After a few minutes of random conversations, Finn's phone blares. We all laugh at his ringtone, it's 'Baby Got Back' by Sir Mix-A lot. "Marky! What's up?" He says/screams. "Ok thanks, we'll be right there!" He says. He stands up and motions the rest of us to get up. "Let's of to Kentucky!" Finn yells. We chuckle and grab our suitcases and head out the door. I lock the door and catch up the rest of the group. On the way down to the lot, I yell: "I'm driving!" Everyone groans and I laugh. "What? Aside from Johanna and I ,you all drive like grandmas" I say. They all look at me and Johanna comes over and high fives me. We get to my car and put our luggage in the trunk. I get in the driver seat and pull my sunglasses on my face. Peeta calls 'shotgun' and gets in the passenger seat. He looks at me as if asking me to follow the speed limit. I just give him a cheeky smile and turn the ignition on. I plug in my phone and go to Pandora. "Hey Ann, where do I go?" I ask Annie. "Just go to the airport, we'll have Mark fly your car to Kentucky if you want" she says. I nod and keep driving. Like always, I speed just a 'tad' bit. Right now, Peeta, Finn and Annie are holding on for dear life, where as Jo and I, we're just sitting normally, as if nothing was goin on. Oh right, Jo and I are used to driving like this. When we reach a stop light, Finn, Ann, and Peeta open their eyes. "Is it over?" Finn asks. Jo and I snicker. "Nope! Half way there, bud!" I reply. Everyone, aside from Jo and I, all groan. As soon as the light turns green, I slam on the gas and head to the airport. "Kat, hon, please, in the name of all that is good and pure, slow down!" Peeta says. I chuckle and slow down a little. A little as in I was going 20 over, now I'm going 15 over. Finnick is praying in the back seat, he's got his hands together, looking up. "In the name of God, please let me live if we crash due to Kitty's wreckless driving. Make this child slow down. Ooh Lord, bless this child, amen" Finn finishes his prayer and we all bust out laughing. "What? You never know when we could die, so why not pray before Kitty kills us?" Finn says. I laugh. "Finny, I won't crash this car, therefore, you guys will not die. If I can stop before any damage has been inflicted, then I can drive however the hell I want. End of story" I say. Peeta rolls his eyes and smiles, 'cause he knows that I've almost crashed and stopped at the last second. Finally, we get to the airport and we meet up with Mark, who takes my car somewhere. We get on the plane and we take off. Luckily, I stopped by one of the stores and got a neck thing. I adjust the pillow and put in my earbuds and drift off.

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