I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


15. Family


The group and I have been in Kentucky for 2 days. Mom called both, hers and my dad's side of the family and told then that we're here. So far, my uncle Haymitch, Johanna's dad, came along with his family. We're just waiting on the rest. 1 1/2 hours later, we got the whole family with us. Mom said that they were planning a family dinner at one of the largest restaurants in the area. Finn, Ann, Jo, Peeta and I agreed. Mom gave us 30 minutes to get ready. I layout my dress on the bed. It's a strapless, high-lo dress with a lace covering. It's with with a tan belt attached. I have tan heels to go with it. Peeta lays out a white v-neck shirt with black pants and a matching blazer. Peeta takes a shower first because he says, and I quote: 'babe, you take forever in that shower'. It's true. He only takes like 10 minutes. He comes out in just a towel, his abs still wet and glistening. God, he looks hot. He sees me staring, apparently. "Having fun?" He says and knocks me to my senses. "Huh? I wasn't staring. Psshhh" I say looking everywhere but at him. He chuckles. "I never said you were staring" he says. Shit. My eyes widen a little. He laughs and comes over to me. He gives me a kiss before he sends me to the shower. I strip and turn the shower on. Peeta was right, I do take a long time in the shower. But hey, trying having long ass hair and having to shave. I step out if the shower, partially dry it and step into the room. It's Peeta's turn to stare this time. I smirk a little because his mouth is sort of open. "Having fun, there?" I say, smirking. He snaps out if it immediately. "What?" He says. I laugh a little and get dressed. Peeta is all ready to go. I out on my dress, slip on the heels, and put on any accessories I happen to have in my suitcase. I head into the bathroom to fully dry my hair. God, my hair is puffy. Then, I curl it and let it go down my back in soft curls. I put a little makeup on, including eye liner, mascara, and lip gloss. I step out and and grab my purse. Everything's already in there. I had already put my phone, wallet, keys, and anything else I might need in there while Peeta was in the shower. I notice Peeta is on his phone, oblivious to the world. I manage to walk over to him and stand in front of him for 2 full minutes before he notices anything. When he does notice, his eyes widen. I smile a little and hold my hand out so he can get up. We walk into the living room and see that everyone is waiting for us. "Well finally, Kitty!" Finn says. I stick my tongue out at him. He shakes his head, smiling. "Well enough fun and games, let's go, I'm starving" Jo says. Typical Johanna. We head for the car and all pile in. Dad is driving, and I know he drives pretty fast. Hell, he's the one who taught me how to drive. Halfway there, he starts going 15 over. "Well Kat," Finn starts. "Now we know who taught you your driving skills" he says. Everyone in the car laughs. After about 15 minutes, we pull into the restaurant parking lot. I see the whole Everdeen family. We get out and greet everyone. My grandma keeps gushing about how I'm all grown and I'm getting married. I blush a little before taking Peeta's hand and walking inside. My little cousin, Maddie, is clinging on to me and I don't mind at all, she's 4 and the sweetest thing ever. Peeta loves her as much as I do. I can already tell he's gonna be a great dad. "So Katniss," my aunt Annabelle starts. "Do you have any ideas as to when the wedding is?" She asks. I glance over to Peeta, then I look back to my aunt. "Well, Peeta and I had thought of making it in the summer, or early fall." I reply. Peeta nods and takes my hand. Everyone in the family nods, except for the kids, they have no clue what's going on. Time passes by, the waiter takes our orders, we eat and pay the bill. By the time we get home, it's 2:30 am. I'm exhausted and I can tell Peeta is, too. We strip down and put our pjs on, and snuggle up under the covers. In Peeta's arms, guarantee I'm sleeping good tonight.

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